Summary, injuries, time and goring with the bulls of La Palmosilla

EThe first bull run of San Fermin 2024 has passed without complications. All the members of the La Palmosilla cattle ranch have traveled the 848 metros from the corrals of Santo Domingo to the bullring of Pamplona in a time of four minutes and seven seconds. There have been no injuries from antlers..

There have been no worrying incidents, although in the final stretch two bulls have been left behind wandering around the squareThe work of the bullfighters was key to getting the bulls into the pens, avoiding complications due to the large crowds of runners who encouraged the two animals.

Six injured, four with bruises

Livestock farming The Palmosilla has participated in the bull runs on four occasions. In addition to being present in this edition, they were also present in the editions of 2019, 2022 y 2023There have never been any injuries from these bulls due to goring. Experts describe it as a peaceful herd.

This year’s bull run, the first of the 2024 edition, has ended with Six injured, five with multiple bruises and one with head traumaThe latter, aged 46, was stomped on in the face and is currently under observation at the University Hospital of Navarra.

First running of the bulls of San Fermín 2024.

The health system has nine posts along the route, in addition to having eight support points with lifeguards. In short, runners will find assistance every day. 50 metros. In addition, the 112-SOS Navarra Center has proposed a device with 16 ambulances.

Proposal live

On the other hand, the cameras of RTVE They have also recorded a live marriage proposal. Charles He bet on the minutes before the confinement to declare himself Well“How exciting, thank you. It’s been three years… Of course it’s a yes,” she explained before giving her future husband a kiss. It’s not all about bulls at the Sanfermines.

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