4:06 minutes of the bull run that turns into an indecorous capea not worthy of San Fermín (medical report)

4:06 minutes of the bull run that turns into an indecorous capea not worthy of San Fermín (medical report)
4:06 minutes of the bull run that turns into an indecorous capea not worthy of San Fermín (medical report)

If the traditional “Chupinazo”It gave me goosebumps, everything made sense for the countdown of the bullfighting festivals, those of San Fermin of Pamplonabecause of the hustle and bustle it turned into silence as the night gave way to dawn until dawn again. And then things get serious. But really serious. And Pamplona changes. The streets are clean again and San Fermin brand new. The atmosphere is no longer festive, but rather fear can be felt. Night owls shake hands with those who have taken care of themselves the night before or many others behind to get to the big event: because running in Pamplona is no small feat.

It is the Champions League, because of the size of the bulls, the route, and the challenge of doing it with so many people. Many great, experienced runners, veterans, others who have lived it from generation to generation and many others, suspicious lumps that put others at risk. And it is an added fear of the six bulls that will leave the corrals at eight o’clock in the evening. The first song to ask San Fermin for him already makes the heart pump, but nothing like the third and last one.

The faces are not serious but menacing. There is a whole inner world in that unattainable moment. The bulls that await are those of La Palmosilla. This is the fourth year of this cattle ranch in the Sanfermines, which made its debut in 2019. The names of the bulls are “Captain”, “Ardoso”, “Papelón”, “Camarimol”, “Scandalous”, “Funny”, “Illustrated” and “Gallardio” and varied in color, so we have been able to find black, mulatto, chestnut and even red bulls.

The trajectory of the legendary San Fermin 2024

Even though they debuted in 2019 and It’s his fourth San Fermin they have not missed a single year, only the pandemic stood in the way. In fact, At their presentation they received the Carriquiri award for the bravest bull and in 2022 they were awarded as the best bullfight at the Pamplona Bull Fair.

The race is packed. The runners fill the course and after the third chant the bulls come out. A long-awaited year later. The steers have led the pack, and despite the fact that from Estafeta the bulls have dispersed and one of them has stayed behind, but without too much relevance, they have starred in a good race, considering such a crowded one.

Tension in some sections, especially from Mercaderes where the herd has separated. The problem was when arriving at the square, when two of the bulls have not entered the bullpens directly and the lack of professionalism of the runners has been evidenced by preventing the doublers from working to get it in as soon as possible and make any cuts, which is prohibited and fined.

Everything that is done to the bull increases the danger of the animal in the afternoon for the bullfighter and prevents his possibility of triumph.

Medical part:

Five transfers to hospital: maxillofacial contusion, arm and cranial contusion, two cranial contusions and a wound to the face.

The bullfighters of today

We will see what happens this afternoon, at 18:30 when the bullring will reopen to see the bulls from La Palmosilla, which will have already been drawn and will be the Riojan bullfighter Diego UrdialesFernando Adrian and Borja Jimenez their killers.

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