Opinion | Gaspar Maciá | The lightness of Melindre

Opinion | Gaspar Maciá | The lightness of Melindre
Opinion | Gaspar Maciá | The lightness of Melindre

The lightness of the sweetieK. F. / EFE

“I’m not the man they think I am at home.

Oh, no, no, no… I’m a rocket man.

Rocket man (1972), song by Elton John.

To the mayor of Elche, the popular Pablo Ruzhe has been seen in recent days more happy and chatty (in his natural state) after the bad times experienced in the previous week. And he has reason to be, because he has finally seen one of his priority objectives fulfilled: the start of the remodeling of the restaurant in the Municipal Park, which has been closed for six years and for more than two immersed in the turbulent bureaucratic tribulations. Now all that remains is for the works to begin on the Central Market, the Congress Palace, the Ronda Sur, of the expansion of the Business Parkthe Conservatory, the TramBus… without forgetting the setback of the facade of Riegos El Progreso. Among other things, but you have to start somewhere. Cheer up.

Well, yes, the mayor seems more relaxed, like the rest of the citizens, after having lived with no little stupefaction and quite a bit of astonishment another episode around the affective-sexual preferences of members of the Elche government team. We had not fully recovered from the events of the Friday of Sorrows, with some supposed (and repeatedly denied by the protagonist) libidinous escapades and drunken incidents (admitted) on sacred ground of the popular councillor. Jose Navarrowhich ultimately meant his departure from the City Hall, when we receive another supposed revelation from the mouth of the same mayor: he is suffering homophobic attacks. He says it point-blank and without warning (well, months ago he already hinted that at school he suffered bullying and they called him “faggot”) nothing less than in a municipal plenary session and on the eve of Pride Day, with accusations that there are leftist elements behind this plot against him, without further details.

There are those who are still in shock. And look at the days and events that have passed. Ruz has proclaimed that he is himself and his circumstances, and that neither the left nor anyone else has to give him lessons on what he can or cannot be: that is the question. He took advantage of the motion by the spokesperson for Compromís, Esther Diezwhich asked the corporation for support from the LGTBIQetc. collective to denounce a homophobic campaign against him through hundreds of stickers with the legend “Pablo,Aurora [Rodil, socia de Vox] “Does he know what you’re talking about?”, in an unimaginative translation of the campaign against the mayor of Valencia Rita Barbera with the same perverse motivation during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

Much of the public was perplexed by this public statement by Ruz, while another part nervously typed on their mobile phone in search of the meaning of the term “homophobic”, only to be referred to “homophobia”: 1. f. Aversion to homosexuality or homosexual people (DRAE). Wow. Does this mean what I think it means?, many people from Elche asked themselves. Some went further in their reasoning: Have we witnessed an “outing” (coming out of the wardrobe) by periphrastic means with an abductive argument in which the meaning is inferred by deductive means from the signifier previously expressed in pronominal form by the subject in question?

Pablo Ruz, in a session of the Valencian Parliament following his homophobic attack

This is possible, but be careful about assuming this epistemological argument from the start, because the fact of reporting having been the victim of a homophobic attack (for a month and a half, making it even more despicable due to its contumacy), does not presuppose that the attacked person fits that profile, especially when there is no reliable assertion to that effect by the person in question. There is also the possibility, as the sticker in question does not provide more details, that this Pablo is another anonymous citizen. (not so much now) and that Aurora is his wife, partner or common-law partner, and what the sticker addict is trying to do is to warn her of the aforementioned individual’s infidelities. In any case, the mayor has assumed that he is the one being questioned, with a complaint included at the Police Station (at the insistence of the socialist spokesman, Hector Diezperhaps to make up for his mistake in not giving importance to the “four stickers”), which temporarily clears up that last possibility. He also assures that the objective of this campaign is to destroy the well-matched marriage of PP and Vox by means of scandal and gossip, in the absence of political arguments.

Ruz insisted on the matter in a journalistic column, in which he again defended his inalienable right to be as he is and what he is, attacking again the exquisite left and its alleged attempt to appropriate the claims of the rainbow community. But all this while the matter of what is, Whether or not he was the mayor of Elche, he once again acquired national media dimensionsas on the Friday of Sorrows, a few days later, in the very same plenary session of Les Corts Valencianes, the very same president Carlos Mazóncontributed his considerations to the topic and fueled the controversy in his own way.

In the plenary session, Mazón gave solemnity to the insult and held up Ruz as an “example of sexual freedom and the fight against homophobia and lies” and publicly congratulated him for “living your sexuality freely, without labels or moral dictatorships.” And with this he attacked, once again, the hypocrisy of the left, which supports Pride a lot but when the proud person is someone from the PP (and there are quite a few), then it seems that he is not worthy of solidarity. The mayor, I imagine overwhelmed (and perhaps surprised) by the words he had just heard, responded from the guest gallery to the thunderous applause of the popular bench with their hands on their hearts. The new champion of the PP in the fight for human and civil rights had been born. The new Pedro Zerolo from the right (Valencian, at least).

Following the appropriate investigation by the local CSI, the analysis of the fingerprints and DNA that were on the stickers and especially following a complaint from a citizen who recorded the individual in question in the middle of the sticker-pasting, the Police have identified and taken a statement from a man for these events. It is known that he is from Valencia (hence the possible connection with the campaign against Rita) and a resident of the city, although the political affiliation of the person under investigation has not been revealed (It seems to be, in any case(who at least has some left-wing friends). It is hoped that support will be obtained from the CSIC, the UCO, the UPR, the GEO and even Interpol, if necessary, to get to the bottom of this plot. We remain expectant.

In spite of all this, Ruz has continued to refuse to give his endorsement to all these suppositions, conjectures, hypotheses and speculations, no matter how much it may weigh on the gossipy ones. And he is right, because the majority of citizens were not interested in his private life before, nor are they now. What interests the citizen is that your mayor is a good person and a good ruler (if he is also friendly, even better), and that he pushes forward projects and actions to improve the lives of those he governs, whatever their emotional-sexual, religious or sporting preferences, as long as they do not interfere with management.

That’s all very well, but I’m sure there will still be more than one person who will continue to mull the matter over and over and wonder if Aurora knew her stuff. There are people kill enoughHappy summer and be careful with the sun, they haven’t put up awnings on the streets yet.

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