I’ve been using WhatsApp in stealth mode for years and these are the privacy benefits I enjoy

I’ve been using WhatsApp in stealth mode for years and these are the privacy benefits I enjoy
I’ve been using WhatsApp in stealth mode for years and these are the privacy benefits I enjoy

The arrival of WhatsApp The introduction of text messaging into our lives was a real revolution for text message communication. Before, we relied on SMS, which were paid for, but the instant messaging app suddenly made us available 24 hours a day. While this is very useful for staying in touch even from a distance, it can be exasperating when we don’t want to talk to everyone. Luckily, the developers at Meta have been adding features that allow us to communicate with each other. keep us hidden and I have had them activated on my mobile for years.

Users are increasingly paying more attention to privacy. In a digital age where we are always connected, We do not want to be the target of threats cybersecurity and there are times when we simply want a moment of disconnection. WhatsApp’s “Online” status can interrupt your downtime or even alert potential scammers that your number is operational.

Why is it good to use WhatsApp in secret?

If you want to make up excuses that you haven’t had time to log on to WhatsApp and read your messages and make it sound credible, it’s best if the platform doesn’t reflect the last time you were online or when you read them. This way, people won’t be able to accuse you of lying, since they won’t have proof that you haven’t been busy.

It shouldn’t be necessary, but the arrival of WhatsApp and other apps has made many users get used to us being available to them at all times. To avoid bad faces, questions and discussionsIt is best to keep all information about your availability hidden. This way, only if you decide to write to them will they know that you are in the application. The rest will not know if you have read their messages or if you are active until you want to respond to them.

And, although it may not seem like it, this can also save you more than one headache from cybercriminals who use WhatsApp as bait for their scams. The functions for Hide your connection The app won’t stop scammers from writing to you, but it will reduce the number of times that they happen. Usually, fraudulent messages that arrive on WhatsApp are done at random and the best thing you can do is block the numbers that send them as soon as they reach you. However, even by ignoring them, they can obtain very valuable information if they see that you are online or that you have read the message.

Even if they do not achieve their goal of stealing your personal and banking data, they will know that this mobile phone line is activeThis way, they could write it down in a database and try to carry out new scams on another occasion. Also, if you don’t hide your name, profile picture, description and other data from strangers, they can also fall into the wrong hands.

What you need to activate to use WhatsApp in hidden mode

When WhatsApp first came into use, there were hardly any features that would help us appear offline, even when we had the app open. Over the years, that has changed until today we have a few features that allow us to use WhatsApp almost secretly from everyone else. Below, I’m going to show you everything I have set up so that no one (or only my contacts) can see it in order to safeguard my privacy as much as possible:

  • Last Seen Time and Online: This will hide who can see your last connection or when you were online. I have it set to no one can see it, although you can decide that only your contacts can see it or all your contacts, except your boss, for example.

  • Profile picture: If you have a profile picture, you may want your contacts to see it, but you may want to hide it from someone or from strangers.
  • Info.: This is the description you add to your profile. By default, when you created an account before, it came with the legendary “Hey there! I’m using WhatsApp”. Now, you can hide it from people you don’t have added, as I did a while ago.
  • Read receipts: By disabling this feature, I no longer know when someone has read my messages. But no one knows when I have read theirs, and that’s worth it. This doesn’t work with group chats.
  • Groups: To avoid being put into fraudulent groups, set WhatsApp so that only your contacts can add you to group chats.
  • Calls: There is an option to silence calls from unknown numbers. This tool will not prevent calls from being made, but it is useful to avoid answering SPAM or scam calls by mistake.
  • Protect your IP address when making calls: to prevent people from deducing your location through calls. I recommend deactivating this when you are going to make a call to a trusted person. This way, you will not have voice quality problems.
  • Disable link previews: prevents websites from deducing your IP address just by sending it.

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