Google Maps accidentally reveals the location of the new US underwater drone Manta Ray

Google Maps accidentally reveals the location of the new US underwater drone Manta Ray
Google Maps accidentally reveals the location of the new US underwater drone Manta Ray

Google Maps has accidentally leaked one of the US Navy’s best kept secrets, an advanced prototype of the underwater drone known as Manta RayIt is an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) designed by the aerospace and defense technology company Northrop Grumman that was apparently discovered by several users at the Port Hueneme naval base in California.

USA, known for its considerable investment in securitycontinues to innovate in military technology, and The Manta Ray is a clear example of these advancesThis underwater drone was created to carry out long-duration underwater missions without the need for a human crew.

The Manta Ray stands out for its ability to float and dive underwater. utilizing propellers and control surfaces, allowing for efficient navigation. This vehicle was built in Maryland and shipped in sections to California for testing, demonstrating its ability to be rapidly deployed globally without the need for extensive naval port infrastructure.

Manta Ray Program Manager Kyle Woerner mentioned that sending the vehicle directly to its intended area of ​​operation conserves energy which would otherwise be consumed during transit.

The first tests of the Manta Rayconducted between February and March of this year off the coast of Southern California, demonstrated exceptional hydrodynamic performance. Northrop Grumman, known for being a major supplier of military technology to the US Army, shared videos of the prototype on platforms such as YouTube, allowing the public to observe the size and capacity of this innovative UUV.

Woerner highlighted in a statement in May that the large-scale testing of Manta Ray validates the vehicle’s readiness for real operationsThe combination of modular transportation, field assembly and deployment demonstrates a unique capability for an extra-large UUV.

The Manta Ray will not be the only underwater drone of its kindAccording to Woerner, the goal is to develop several such autonomous vehicles with high payload capacity and no need for human supervision. These UUVs are intended to foster a new class of long-endurance, long-range underwater vehicles, prepared for persistent operations in dynamic maritime environments.

The New York Post noted that the Manta Ray can hibernate on the sea floor for long periods without needing to refuel. In addition, uses an efficient buoyancy sliding system to move through the water. The Navy’s push to develop this drone technology is aimed at countering Russian and Chinese underwater operations, the Telegraph added.

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