An asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower threatens Earth

EIn the last few hours, the Russian Emergencies Ministry has reported that an asteroid will pass very close to Earth. This is alarming news, although the truth is that there are always important nuances. When talking about distance in outer space, the data must be put into context. This asteroid, the size of the Earth, Torre Eiffelwould approach our planet in 2029.

According to the calculations of Russian scientists, the object would pass at about 39,000 kilometers from Earth. Although it may seem like an exaggeratedly far distance, the Moon orbits at more than 350,000 kilometers. In addition, another interesting note is that the asteroid would have a power similar to 30 nuclear bombs similar to the well-known Tsarthe largest that has been detonated since the creation of this weapon.

The name chosen for this asteroid will be Apophiswhose origin comes from the Egyptian word Apep, whose meaning is the personification of chaos. A term that does not accompany, like the date: everything seems to indicate that the object would spend a Friday the 13th. According to estimated data, more than 2 billion people they could see it with the naked eye without the need for binoculars.

The percentage of an asteroid falling on Earth is 0.00089%

However, NASA has not shown concern, but rather a pleasant surprise about this event that will occur in five years. The North American agency believes that this will be a great opportunity to study the object thanks to the instruments it hasas well as for the ESA (European Space Agency). Although there is always that fear of bodies falling from space, The figure for something like this happening is one in 150,000 (0.00089%).

NASA’s goal now, in a mission whose name will be Osiris-APEXwill be the one of “quantify Earth’s tidal forces on a potentially hazardous asteroid” from capturing “never-before-seen live images of the asteroid’s surface with our planet in the background.”

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