Spain activates NASA to recover players with France in mind

To recover their players

Spain is focused on the recovery of international players

The goal is to be in the best possible shape for the match against France.

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If to a tremendously demanding season that thinks of everything except the great protagonists of this sport such as the footballers, is added a Eurocup in which you have to play an overtime against Germany, The end result is to end up with half the team physically affectedHowever, the national team’s training camp got to work practically as soon as the match ended to begin to recover the legs of the international players.

Medical services of the Spanish selection They are giving superlative importance to rest and recovery in this Eurocup. They consider it key to being able to compete at the highest level, even more so after the wear and tear that the players have been subjected to during the season and, now, in the tournament. For this reason, invisible training, the one that is not seen and where the most important things are sleep, rest and nutrition, is playing a very important role these days.

Besides, Spain will rely on physiotherapists, key in this concentration, and on technology, so that next Tuesday, when the men of Luis de la Fuente from midday to France, can perform under the best possible conditions.

One of the things that is “in full swing” these days, as the Spanish national team assures, is the hyperbaric chamber, which is used a lot in the post-match and post-training recovery strategy. With it, oxygen is multiplied by 10 or 15 to achieve a hyperoxygenation which produces an anti-inflammatory effect and is a great bactericide.

«Traditionally, it was used for healing wounds, those that do not heal, those that become inflamed because the inflammation goes down a lot… And it is being seen that in sports medicine, after intense physical exercise, whether it is training or a match, hyperoxygenation causes a decrease in muscle inflammation. This fatigue after the matches decreases and this increase in oxygen also causes a greater feeling of well-being and a probably faster recovery. We shorten these periods of fatigue, which is very important,» he explained. Claudio Vazquezhead of medical services of Spain, to OKDIARIO in an interview.

The cold, an ally for Spain these days

On the other hand, the Spanish Federation He also traveled to Germany with cryotherapy machines. These are used to perform cold therapies where a thermal shock is produced inside a machine, a very sudden drop in temperature, which seeks to increase peripheral vasoconstriction, which reduces inflammation, releases endorphins, etc.

With all this, human hands and technology, the objective of the Spanish national team’s medical services is to recover all the footballers from Luis de la Fuente. At the moment, the only injured player is Pedri, who suffers from a sprained knee, while the rest only have an overload of minutes that they hope can be overcome with the passing of days to perform at the highest level against France next Tuesday in the semi-final that will be held in Munich. A Spain He has two more efforts left to conquer Europe.

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