Who is Jordan Bardella and why is Marine Le Pen not running for election in the French parliament?

Who is Jordan Bardella and why is Marine Le Pen not running for election in the French parliament?
Who is Jordan Bardella and why is Marine Le Pen not running for election in the French parliament?

The French far right is shaking the political system of the Gallic country. In the face of the success of the National Regroupment (RN) in the elections to the European Parliament, Macron decided to dissolve the National Assembly and call early elections with two rounds (June 30 and July 7).

Jordan Bardella is RN’s candidate for Prime Minister of France if the far right wins the election. The party’s leader Marine Le Pen said that they are “ready to take power if the French give us their trust.” Bardella, a 28-year-old politician, has been a member of the European Parliament since 2019, when he was the head of the National Rally list.

Who is Bardella?

Jordan Bardella was born in 1995 in Drancy, on the outskirts of Paris. From an early age he became interested in politics and 2012 joined the National Frontnow the National Rally (RN). He began studying geography, but soon abandoned his studies to focus on politics.

He quickly gained importance within RN, being Regional Councilor, Spokesperson and Vice President of the Partyuntil in 2019, at just 23 years old, he was named head of his party’s list for the European elections held that year. Shortly after, In 2022, he was elected president of RNand is Marine Le Pen’s right-hand man.

Bardella and RN They have passed over Macron in the European elections 2024winning 31% of the votes and 30 seats among the 81 French MEPs.

What is Bardella like?

The French politician has exponentially increased his popularity through his social media. Dubbed the ‘TikTok politician’, he has dedicated himself to sharing speeches on the Internet, and has more than One and a half million followers on TikTok and almost 650,000 on Instagram. He has sometimes been accused of focusing too much on improving his image and of being too uninvolved in the European Parliament.

As for his ideologyBardella has always adopted a position anti-immigration it is included IslamophobicHe has also advocated reducing climate standards and has been critical of the way Europe works. He has wanted to position himself as the “great substitute”, and is The great threat to Emmanuel Macron.

Le Pen’s role in the elections

Although Marine Le Pen is the leader and main figure of the National Rally, Bardella will be the candidate for the legislative elections brought forward by Macron. This was announced by Le Pen, who She is not running as a candidate because in case of victory she will assume the position of president of France.

Although it may seem a bit complicated to understand, Le Pen’s plan is simple. He wants to form an executive partnership with BardellaShe herself explained that if her party wins the next vote, she would assume the role of president, while Bardella would be prime minister: “For months, Bardella and I have been working as an executive couple to best fulfill the functions that the French people have invested in us.”

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