An active contribution to the promotion of green hydrogen

Renewable gases play a key role in the energy transition. Redexis, a comprehensive energy infrastructure company, is aware of its active role in this transition and is actively involved in the development of renewable gases such as green hydrogen. To further amplify its role, it has created a subsidiary of the Group called Redexis Renovables through which it carries out all the production projects for this hydrogen, which it is firmly committed to. Green hydrogen is an energy vector capable of uniting the electricity and gas sectors and allows for a large penetration of renewable energies in the Spanish energy matrix, since it is capable of storing surpluses from both wind and photovoltaic production.

The company created the company H2 Duero together with SOMACYL, the Public Infrastructure and Environment Company of the Junta de Castilla y León, in order to promote the first green hydrogen production plant in the community. The plant is located in Garray (Soria) and has already completed the civil works and obtained all the permits, while it has also installed an electrolyser from the Spanish brand H2B2.

Hydrogen production plant in Garray (Soria)

Projects in progress

In addition, construction work is nearing completion on Spain’s first hydrogen pipeline, within the Green Hysland project funded by the European Union, which seeks to create a hydrogen ecosystem in the south of the continent, located on the island of Mallorca. Redexis will be in charge of this hydrogen pipeline that will allow the hydrogen produced at the Lloseta plant to be injected into the natural gas network. The company has also been the first in Spain to obtain authorization from the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) to build the injection point within the framework of this project. An agreement has also been signed with Iberostar to install a fuel cell at its Bahía de Palma hotel in Mallorca, which will be the first in the world to carry out such an integration.

Redexis’ experience and assets allow it to play a leading role in the development of this renewable gas, as gas networks are perfectly capable of transporting, storing and distributing hydrogen with very few adaptations and are modern and prepared for evolution in this regard. The company continues to invest in the execution of long-term green hydrogen projects, becoming a key company in the energy transition, with the aim of being part of more than 10 green hydrogen projects built and operating by 2026.

The company also promotes the development of biomethane, a clean and renewable gas.

The company is also promoting the development of biomethane, a clean, renewable gas that is completely equivalent to natural gas and is obtained from biogas through a purification process that improves the percentage of methane in the mixture. Redexis Renovables has already acquired the BioRed Lorca plant (Lorca, Murcia) and BioRed Los Alcázares (Los Alcázares, Murcia), which will produce 80 GWh of biomethane per year and manage 211,000 tons of agro-food, agro-industrial and livestock waste per year. It also acquired 70% of the BioRed Almazán plant (Soria).

Recognition for sustainability

Redexis’ commitment to ESG principles has been reflected in several sustainability indices. Moody’s, a leading international company in CSR and Sustainability assessment, has awarded the company the ‘Advanced’ rating for the third consecutive year, the highest possible recognition, for the performance of a socially and environmentally responsible activity. It has also received a five-star rating from GRESB for the third consecutive year, this being the highest awarded, and a result of 95 points out of 100, with scores higher than the average of the companies studied and of the companies in the sector, thus demonstrating its consistency and determination in terms of sustainability.

Redexis’ ESG commitment has been reflected in several sustainability indices

Redexis maintains a strong commitment to the communities in which it operates and all its actions are guided by the principle of sustainability, providing citizens with environmentally friendly energy and giving access to alternative and sustainable forms of energy.

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