Federal A: Olimpo wants 1 yes or yes and Villa Mitre “debuts” on a difficult field

Federal A: Olimpo wants 1 yes or yes and Villa Mitre “debuts” on a difficult field
Federal A: Olimpo wants 1 yes or yes and Villa Mitre “debuts” on a difficult field

Olimpo and Villa Mitre have already qualified for the Nonagonal championship, although with two dates left until the end of the initial phase and 6 points at stake, both are aiming for 1st place in the Group, currently in the hands of the black and gold.

The 17th matchday, the penultimate of Zone 1 of the Federal A, will be played entirely this afternoon, and the black and gold can secure the privileged spot if they win at home and Germinal loses to Cipolletti (condemned to play the Reválida) in the Visera rionegrina.

The Group leader, who has a streak of 9 games without defeats (5 wins and 4 draws), at Carminatti, will host Sol de Mayo starting at 3 pm. The referee is Brian Ferreyra, from Venado Tuerto.

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At the same time, the tricolor, two points behind its classic rival, will appear for the first time in its history in the town of Rincón de los Sauces, more precisely on the synthetic field of Deportivo, in the land of oil and where, they say, the “ball bounces and jumps like a rabbit.” The main referee is Matías Billione Carpio, from Córdoba.

As no regulatory determination has yet emerged that refers to “sporting advantages” and only rumors are circulating, today qualifying first (Olimpo, with 32 points is No. 1 at the national level) or fifth in each of the four Zones is exactly the same.

The day also includes the duel between Circulo Deportivo-Santamarina (at 3pm, refereed by Jonathan Correa, from Córdoba) and Cipolletti-Germinal (starting at 3.30pm, with referee Juan Ignacio Nebbietti from Bahía Blanca).

It is assumed, of course, that Kimberley won the points (with a result of 1-0) against Sansinena.

Here are the positions: 1st) Olimpo, 32 points; 2nd) Germinal, 31; 3rd) Villa Mitre, 30; 4th) Kimberley, 24; 5th) Santamarina, 22; 6th) Círculo, 21; 7th) Sol de Mayo, 20; 8th) Deportivo Rincón, 18, 9th) Cipolletti,15 and 10th) Sansinena, 8 (x).

(x) He withdrew from the tournament and the current table includes three points for the teams that still had to face him in this initial phase.

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