Steps to expand the development of Prohuerta at a local level

Steps to expand the development of Prohuerta at a local level
Steps to expand the development of Prohuerta at a local level

The Bien Común-Frente Renovador councillors presented a project to INTA and the Ministry of Human Capital of the Nation requesting clarifications to achieve the expansion of the campaigns to promote family and community gardens.

The purpose, it was said, is to encourage the habit of having home gardens for the general population and the possibility of developing micro-enterprises within the framework of the validity of Ordinance 3869.

Councillors Lisandro Delle Donne and Daniel Medina were the promoters of the request and also of the aforementioned regulation, duly proposed by Bien Común, which seeks to promote education in domestic cultivation for healthy food purposes and the possibility of expanding such ventures to productive developments and the generation of labour.

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“The ordinance in question raises the possibility of entering into agreements between the Executive Department and public or private organizations of the national establishment in order to provide elements and/or informative material of use to the community.”

“The Pro Huerta Program has been recognized by the UN through the FAO. We feel the need to explore all possible avenues to expand or bring closer programs that can allow for possible economic development at a local level,” the party said.

Specifically, it was stated that the Pro Huerta Program has been a public policy managed jointly with the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), which promotes Food Security and Sovereignty, through support for agroecological production and access to healthy products for adequate nutrition.

The request, approved unanimously by the City Council, asks national authorities to explain the current government’s orientation regarding the program and the possibility of Coronel Rosales entering into collaboration agreements that allow providing tools or materials to neighbors who require them and whether such a possibility is currently available.


Meanwhile, the same party presented to the CD the proposal to repeal Ordinance 4193, which to date allows political parties – within the campaign periods provided for by the electoral system – to make stickers on pedestrian shelters, posts, buildings and public structures in general.

“We think this ordinance is a mistake and we want it to be repealed. Firstly, it is absurd to prohibit graffiti and stickers on public buildings or shelters, but to make an exception for political parties campaigning, as the ordinances currently in force in the district state. And secondly, why should the taxpayer have to pay with their taxes for the paint and labour it costs to clean and re-beautify public spaces?”

“It is certainly not fair, and if we demand neatness and cleanliness from the rest of the residents, it is logical that these same principles also apply to those who run for public office,” said Medina.

He also pointed out that various ordinances also prohibit the placement of banners and signs on lights and poles, but the aforementioned ordinance 4193 – passed during the previous municipal term – exempted political parties from doing so during their campaign.

“Many times, billboards add resistance to the posting networks. We have rules that prohibit posters on them for security reasons, but political parties are exempt as if such posters could not generate any impact. We are not against political expression, posters must be placed in non-prohibited places within the electoral deadlines and without affecting public space,” said the councilor.

The Common Good also stated that, if the aforementioned ordinance were eliminated, the improper placement of signs would once again be subject to fines as in all other possible cases, without any exception.

“You can rent or request private spaces to put up posters or do it in places that are not prohibited, what we cannot allow is the deterioration or damage of public space by virtue of an electoral process, which is what we are trying to reverse. It is incomprehensible that we can have officials who demand cleanliness, occupy benches, but still find their campaign posters frayed or thrown around the different neighborhoods,” said the councilor.

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