Milei met with Bolsonaro and together they watched Brazil’s elimination: Lula’s government awaits his speech at the right-wing meeting in Camboriú

Milei met with Bolsonaro and together they watched Brazil’s elimination: Lula’s government awaits his speech at the right-wing meeting in Camboriú
Milei met with Bolsonaro and together they watched Brazil’s elimination: Lula’s government awaits his speech at the right-wing meeting in Camboriú

The mayor of Camboriú, Fabrício Oliveira; the governor of the state of San Pablo, Tarcísio de Freitas; Milei, Bolsonaro, senator Jorge Seif, and the governor of Santa Catarina, Jorginho Mello.

True to his style, Javier Milei did the opposite of what is expected of a traditional president. His first visit to Brazil was not to meet the acting head of state, Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silvabut to meet with his most antagonistic rival who is willing to beat him in the next elections. Jair Bolsonaro He received the libertarian leader last night in the lobby of the hotel in the seaside town of Camboriú where the meeting of CPAC is taking place, a right-wing organization in which political leaders from all over America participate, including the American Donald Trump.

In public view and recorded in videos that later went viral, Milei and Bolsonaro greeted each other in the lobby of the Mercure hotel and then watched together in a friendly atmosphere the defeat of Brazil against Uruguay, which left the green-yellow team out of the Copa América in the quarterfinals. Both displayed a relationship of personal affection and political harmony, which contrasts with the harsh and hostile relationship that both maintain with Lula.

Milei and Bolsonaro watched the Uruguay-Brazil match. This is how they saw the penalties that ended with the elimination of the Canarinha (source X)

The Argentine president arrived in Camboriú with his sister and Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Milei, the spokesperson Manuel Adorni, and the presidential documentary maker, Santiago Oría. Milei will speak this afternoon – at a time to be determined – before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Expocentro in Balneário Camboriú, which served as a platform to launch Bolsonaro’s 2026 candidacy. The Minister of Defense, Luis Petri, was also invited and will also give a speech.

According to what was confirmed to Infobae According to official sources, Milei will meet with Tarcísio de Freitas, governor of the State of São Paulo; and with Jorginho Mello, governor of the State of Santa Catarina. They are two key men with enormous political influence in the environment of the former Brazilian president, as well as federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, with whom the libertarian leader has a fluid dialogue. He will also speak with industrial businessmen from Santa Catarina, before giving his speech at the CPAC.

These words will be awaited with special interest by Lula’s government, which has let it be known unofficially that if the insults or disqualifications against the Brazilian president were repeated, it is prepared to withdraw its ambassador from Buenos Aires. Did Milei go there with the intention of continuing to escalate the conflict? Will Itamaraty – the Brazilian Foreign Ministry – be prepared to urgently call Ambassador Julio Glinternick Bitelli for consultation? The background does not help with these responses, which have no answers from any side. The background does not help, given the conflict of the last few days.

Bolsonaro’s warm welcome to Milei in Camboriú

“The things I said above are true. What are the problems? Did I call him corrupt?” And wasn’t he imprisoned for corruption? And what did I say to you, communist? And isn’t he a communist? Since when do we have to apologize for telling the truth? Or are we so sick with political correctness “That you can’t say anything to the left, even if it’s true?” the libertarian leader said in an interview.

It was in response to a previous statement by Lula, on why he had received only a cold and brief greeting at the G7 meeting: “I did not speak with the president of Argentina because I believe that He should apologize to Brazil and to me. He said a lot of nonsense. I just want him to apologize.I love Argentina, it is a country that I like a lot, it is a very important country for Brazil, and Brazil is very important for Argentina. It is not a president of the Republic who is going to create discord between Brazil and Argentina”.

After that escalation, Infobae The president revealed last Sunday that Milei had decided to cancel her participation in the meeting of Heads of State of Mercosur that was to take place in Asunción on Monday, July 8. She attributed it to a scheduling problem, given that the next day she has the vigil of Independence Day in Tucumán, where the signing of the promoted Pact of May will take place. But in fact, it was the excuse to skip the event and avoid the formality of sharing a photo or exposing herself to a tirade in front of the rest of the leaders.

But it didn’t stop there. A few hours later, he confirmed that he would be in Camboriú to participate in the CPAC Brazil summit, where Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro called on right-wing leaders from the region such as José Antonio Kastleader of the Republican Action movement, founder of the Republican Party and who was defeated in the second round of the last presidential elections in Chile by Gabriel Boric. He also invited the Minister of Justice and Public Security of El Salvador, Gustavo Villatoroone of the president’s main collaborators Nayib Bukele and responsible for the much praised and questioned policy of fighting crime in his country. While the representative of Mexico was the actor and singer Eduardo Verastegui. Anyway, the vast majority of the event participants are leaders of Bolsonarism, as the legislator too Nicholas Ferreirathe former Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles; and the pastor and senator Great Maltain addition to governors De Freitas and Mello.

But without a doubt, the star of the event was Javier Milei, due to his own popularity as well as the fact that he is a sitting president who is openly at odds with Lula Da Silva. In Brazil, the president will not be elected until October 2026, but the political scene is already being set up for a new round between the same adversaries of the general elections. In any case, Bolsonaro faces a complicated judicial scenario: in addition to accusing him of an attempted coup d’état in January 2023, a new case has now appeared for the alleged “theft” of jewelry and trinkets received when he was president.

From the latter, one issue stands out that has been making headlines. Dozens of activists identified with Jair Bolsonaro who were arrested and convicted by the courts for taking over the buildings of the three Powers in Brasilia escaped and crossed the border illegally. The organizer of the CPAC, Eduardo Bolsonaro, was in Argentina asking that all those who came to Argentina be granted refugee status. For now, Milei’s government feels obliged to respect the law and court rulings and clarified that it has no role in granting refugee status.

The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that last Friday, June 7, its Embassy in Buenos Aires “sent to the Argentine Foreign Ministry a letter from the Supreme Court requesting verification that 143 fugitives from Brazilian justice are in Argentine territory.” The Brazilian press had revealed days ago that about fifty people convicted for the January 2023 protest broke their electronic ankle bracelets and escaped to several countries in the Southern Cone, mainly Argentina. Of all of them, one media outlet identified seven who had entered Argentina to formally request political asylum. According to the UOL media outlet, these are Ângelo Sotero, musician, 59 years old; Gilberto Ackermann, insurance broker, 50 years old; Raquel de Souza Lopez, 51 years old; Luis Fernandes Venâncio, businessman, 50 years old, from São Paulo; Alethea Verusca Soares, 49 years old; Rosana Maciel Gomes, 50 years old; and Daniel Lusiano Bressan, 37 years old.

Nothing is known about them yet. It is not ruled out that this will be a topic of conversation between Milei and Bolsonaro, although there is little time: he wants to be in Buenos Aires before 8 p.m.

Fever for Milei in Camboriú. Ademar Meirelles characterized as the first libertarian president

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