One Voice Theater. Monologue Festival in Xalapa: dates and works to be presented – Diario de Xalapa

One Voice Theater. Monologue Festival in Xalapa: dates and works to be presented – Diario de Xalapa
One Voice Theater. Monologue Festival in Xalapa: dates and works to be presented – Diario de Xalapa

In July, Xalapa will host “Theater with One Voice. Monologue Festival”, which includes works from different parts of the country, a unique opportunity to learn about what is being done at a national level, Vallery Horton Lara says in an interview.

The coordinator of the General Ignacio de la Llave State Theater” anticipates that they will be Eight works that the public of Xalapa and the region will be able to see at no cost in the recently remodeled “Dagoberto Guillaumín” room.

The characteristic of these productions, he explains, is that a single artist can develop from one to an infinite number of characters, in stories with current themes.

In circuit format, this festival is the one that visits the largest number of municipalities in each of its editions; in 2024 it celebrates 19 years and among the selected works, children’s audiences are also taken into account, the interviewee explains.

How long will the Xalapa Monologue Festival last?

The Monologue Festival began on June 9 and will conclude on July 23 in Veracruz; Its route includes Colima, Jalisco, Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Leon, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Morelos and Puebla.

To anyone interested in attending the For the performances scheduled from July 17 to 23 at 7 p.m., Vallery Horton informs you that although admission will be free, there will be capacity control.

Suggests getting the ticket starting July 5th, in the link that will be published in Facebook General Ignacio de la Llave State Theatre. It also announces the daily schedule.

What works will be presented at the One Voice Theater. Xalapa Monologue Festival?

The festival will begin on July 17 with a production from Veracruz and Tamaulipas, “Fear eats everything… dreams in flight”, with dramaturgy, direction and acting by Fernando Leija Flores.

Suitable for the whole family, with dance, visual stimuli, unrecognizable characters and objects on stage, the actor will try to get the little ones to say no to fear.

For the second day there will also be a project from Veracruz, “Cuatzimiro, the son of Cuasimodo and Lupita Jons”, by Andrea Maliachi and Regordet CabaretIt tells the story of an 18-year-old boy who has the chance to reverse a curse on his physical appearance. It is suitable for ages 12 and up.

On July 19th the option is “Hound”, Sinaloa-based production with dramaturgy, direction and acting by Teresa Díaz, which addresses the issue of disappearance in Mexico. It is aimed at people over 16 years of age.

On the fourth day, Maika Teatro, from Durango, will take the stage to present “The Happy Prince”, adaptation by Alfredo Payán, based on the story by Oscar Wilde. It is a puppet theatre and a love story between a golden statue and a swallow.

He “Iphigenia in Orem” will be on view on July 21 by Neil LaBute, under the direction of Karina Hurtado, who represent Jalisco with a dark story about power, family and loss. It is for people over 15 years old.

The festival will continue with “Los Weros Teatro” and his clown play “Parrot Contestatario”, from Michoacán, which talks about the importance of grandparents because they remind us how necessary laughter, imagination and asking questions are. Access will be for those over 15 years old.

The person in charge of closing will be “Heart of Mantou” by Joshua Sánchez, directed by Patricia Madrid, which delves into the unexpected changes in life. This is the first time that Puebla has joined the circuit and does so with this play for people over 12 years old, Vallery Horton says.

In addition to the invitation to enjoy this festival, the public is invited to follow the official social networks of the Theater and the Ministry of Culture of Veracruz so that they can learn about all the summer activities.

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