To the Housing Commission of the Parliament of Navarre

To the Housing Commission of the Parliament of Navarre
To the Housing Commission of the Parliament of Navarre

To the Housing Commission of the Parliament of NavarrePIXABAY

A few days ago, members of Plataforma Vivienda Pública Rural – Rural Public Housing Platform We had the opportunity to explain our situation and demands in the Parliament of Navarre. In this way, we would like to value the statements made in commission by the spokesperson of Geroa Bai, Maria Solanaand the spokesperson for Contigo-Zurekin, Miguel Garrido.

Please note that, when you consider it appropriate, we will be delighted to meet with your parliamentary groups to discuss the issues you introduced in the working session, such as: housing shortage problem in rural areas or the coverage guarantees offered by Nasuvinsa. But you will understand that we, the people who make up the platform, are the ones who decide which problems concern us and which we defend.

Although it may be surprising, the price of public rental housing in rural areas in Navarra It is worrying. Even more so after seeing the study published by NASTAT. The real difference, even if there is a small zoning, between renting a public flat of 85 square metres in Iruña or in a town is 34 euros. Don’t be confused, this is not a policy to combat depopulation, it is to comply with the law. The price of protected housing must be lower than that of free housing on the market and this does not happen in our municipalities.

You say that apply the stressed market zones In our areas, it will not solve the problem. It is a shame that the irony was not understood or that people did not want to understand it. It is clear that, with these prices, it is the Government of Navarra that is putting pressure on the market in rural areas.

It is clear that changing the Housing Law It does not solve problems such as a broken lock cylinder. Mixing apples with oranges and reducing everything to the absurd is not an option either. As we explained in the work session, we talked about changing the Housing Law for issues such as housing prices. On the other hand, in order to be assisted when a cylinder is broken, we stated that it is necessary to reform the code of good practices that governs the public company Nasuvinsa, since even the one currently in force is not complied with.

Maria Solana and Miguel Garrido, Geroa Bai and Contigo-Zurekin, is it so hard to admit that There are errors in core aspects of the policies rural public housing? To clarify, and as you yourselves said in case you could be of help: please emphasize that Nasuvinsa and the Department of Housing sit back down at the table to get this situation back on track.

Portavoces de la Plataforma Vivienda Pública Rural / Rural Public Housing Platform

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