Consumer Inspection visits 494 Aragonese establishments during the summer sales campaign

Consumer Inspection visits 494 Aragonese establishments during the summer sales campaign
Consumer Inspection visits 494 Aragonese establishments during the summer sales campaign


The consumer inspection’s summer sales campaign has ended with 494 visits to establishments. This work is aimed at controlling price information in shop windows, the display of double prices on discounted products and checking sales conditions.

The dates chosen for this event have been focused on the first week of July, based on the experience acquired in previous years, coinciding with the period of greatest acceptance by businesses.

The current campaign has focused on the usual sectors: textiles, footwear, accessories, home, furniture, household appliances and electronics, the Government of Aragon has reported.

The Director General of Consumer and User Protection, Inma de Francisco, has pointed out that “the programme is complemented by other parallel actions that arise from the complaints received at this time of year.”

The number of shops displaying the sales sign has risen to 368, which corresponds to 74.49 percent of the total. The price information, which has been checked globally, is fulfilled in 94.94 percent; in those offering discounted products, it has been found that 90.49 percent correctly report the double price. Prices are mostly used in numerical format, 79.08 percent display them in this way.


As additional issues that have been monitored, the Department of Economy has indicated that the display of the informative poster for the sales period appears in 63.86 percent and in 94.29 percent the practice of maintaining the previous sales conditions is complied with.

The general manager also pointed out that “the price that must be taken as an initial reference in any type of discount or promotion must be the lowest price that the product has had in the previous thirty days. In this area, work is being done in Europe on price monitoring applications, which have also been implemented in Aragon in order to verify the authenticity of the offers.”

In the event of any incident, a complaint must be filed with the establishment or its Customer Service Department, which has a period of 30 days to provide a full response; once the response has been received or this period has elapsed without obtaining a satisfactory solution, the complaint may be filed with the provincial consumer services.

You can also contact the Consumer Information Office in your town or region, as well as the Consumer and User Associations. In addition, the General Directorate for Consumer and User Protection of the Government of Aragon has the free telephone number ‘900 12 13 14’ and the email account ‘[email protected]’, to answer any questions that may be raised by Aragonese citizens.

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