The date for the first flights into space from Seville has already been set, and it’s sooner than you think

We recently talked about one of the latest historical milestones in astronomical matters: The arrival of the first samples taken from the dark side of the moon by China. Now in Sevilla We will have the opportunity to make history as Spaniards in regards to Advances related to outer space; an event that could be closer than we think.

This is a project that seeks to take Spanish tourists to space: an unprecedented event in our country. To this end, the company in charge has revealed the date on which they would be leaving from Seville the flights that aim to mark a before and after in the history of Spanish astronomy.


What is the project about?

The initiative led by Eos X-Spacea Spanish space exploration company, began in the 2020 taking space tourists outward via Pressurized capsules with capacity for eight people (including the pilot), which are propelled by a non-polluting helium balloon.

Once reaching the stratosphere, allow travelers to observe the amazing views for five hours; whim that costs between 150,000 and 200,000€In this way, they have managed to carry out this type of space missions again and again over the last four years, and now they plan to do the same from Seville.

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