Three motorcycle thieves approached a young man in the Brisas de los Álamos neighborhood, north of Cali

A video captured by surveillance cameras In the Brisas de los Álamos neighborhood, northeast of Cali, the robbery of a young man who was walking through one of the inner blocks of that neighborhood was recorded.

The incident occurred on the night of Friday, July 5, a few minutes after 8:30 p.m.

The young man was walking covered in a sports jacket or hoodie, when a man on a motorcycle stopped right in front of him to block his way. Immediately after, Two other subjects, each on a motorcycle, arrived at the scene to complete the crime.

The three thieves were traveling on scooter-type motorcycles, or popularly known as ‘señoriteras’. Only one of them was wearing a helmet, an easily identifiable purple one. The other two subjects who were not covered were faithfully captured by the surveillance cameras.

One of them was white-skinned and was in charge of keeping watch so that the authorities did not arrive, while the other individual was of African descent, of heavy build and was in charge of intimidating the young man with his figure.

The people of Cali do not feel safe in their neighborhoods, much less in the city in general. | Photo: Bernardo Peña / The Country.

Likewise, shoplifting has decreased by 39%, thefts on the MÍO mass transit system have decreased by 50% and motorcycle thefts by 19%. Finally, There have been 86 fewer homicides than in the first half of last year, which represents a decrease of 17%.

More recent data, provided by the Cali Cómo Vamos program, showed that in the last two months of 2023 (November and December), Only 29% of people surveyed said they felt safe in the city, while the remaining 71% felt insecure or did not lean towards either extreme.

Authorities have made a large number of arrests against criminals who mainly steal from people in the inner city. | Photo: The country

In addition, Citizens recognized that street robberies, such as the one recorded this Friday in Brisas de los Álamos, are the main security problem in Cali, with 35% of the votes, followed by drug addiction (26%) and gangs (13%).

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