This is the app you should download if you want to improve your Cannondale bike

This is the app you should download if you want to improve your Cannondale bike
This is the app you should download if you want to improve your Cannondale bike

Never before has an app associated with a bicycle been so complete. The new version of the Cannondale App has everything to become a partner training, more relaxed outings the being mechanical assistant when servicing or repairing any Cannondale bicycle.

Multiple functions that you can control from your mobile phone and link with the brand bike to get the full experience and services offered by this app for cyclists.

Cannondale App: Features

With the complete Cannondale app you can connect to any of their bikes to get the most out of itthe brand says. From following routes to receiving reminders for check-ups. This is everything you can do with it:

  • Route tracking: You can record any bike ride you make, with an automatic start and stop function, with associated data such as distance, altitude, average speed, etc. In addition, if you carry your mobile phone on a handlebar mount, you can also use it as a simple navigator, being able to see the route taken on the map, customizing the information and menus on the screen.


Logging function and route map.

  • Training analysis: The app is a simple and practical cycling training assistant. It offers data and statistics such as personal records and weekly, monthly or yearly data summaries to see your progress. It is also possible to monitor the calories burned and even find out how much pollution you have avoided by cycling, through the ECO report.


Route and training data and a map to follow the route.

  • Maintenance Reminders: This is a very useful feature of the app. Having registered your Cannondale bike with the main features of the model, and based on the activity recorded, the app estimates when it is time for a mechanical check-up. It also adds up the mileage done by tires, chains and cassettes and tells you when it is time to replace them.


Reminders of your bike maintenance in the app.

Plus, you can record key measurements for bike settings, such as saddle height, tire pressure, or suspension settings. A maintenance book on your phone.

  • Warranty and technical support: The app provides users with a wide variety of resources, such as videos, information on each Cannondale model and a search engine for stores near their location. There is also a section to easily register the bike’s warranty so that they can take advantage of its coverage.


Warranty and technical assistance for your bike.

  • Linking with other apps:You can link your Cannondale App account with other popular cycling apps, such as Strava, Garmin Connect or Apple Health, to enhance your riding experience.


Links to popular cycling apps like Strava.

  • Linking with wheel sensor: The app also links to the Cannondale wheel sensor, which comes standard on many of the brand’s bikes or can be purchased separately. Together, they allow accurate tracking of speed and distance, storing up to 900 hours of activity.
  • SmartSense Management: Finally, we would like to highlight the SmartSense system control function that several Cannondale bikes already have. With them you can manage the bike’s lights intelligently, and the rear radar detects vehicles to warn of the arrival of a car or other vehicle from behind.

You can download the app from the main app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store) and register for free via

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