The Chilean ambassador to Argentina visits Tierra del Fuego and the Ushuaia Naval Base

The Chilean ambassador to Argentina visits Tierra del Fuego and the Ushuaia Naval Base
The Chilean ambassador to Argentina visits Tierra del Fuego and the Ushuaia Naval Base

The Chilean ambassador to Argentina, Jose Antonio Viera Gallomade a visit to the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands, and toured the facilities of the Base Naval Ushuaia.

The visit took place within the framework of the 70th anniversary of the Consulate of Chile in the city of Ushuaia and focused on the program of activities planned to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed between Argentina and Chile in 1984, which will be celebrated on November 29, 2024.

During his tour, Ambassador Viera Gallo was received by the commander of the Area Naval Australian (ANAU)Commodore of Marina José Alberto Martí Garro. On this occasion, the commander presented to the Chilean authorities the jurisdiction, mission and main activities of ANAU.

This naval area is responsible for tasks related to the search and rescue of ships in emergency situations on the high seas, control of the sea and its resources, and maritime traffic in the Beagle Channel.

The ambassador was accompanied by the counselor Maria Francisca Montealegre Novoathe consul of the Republic of Chile in Ushuaia, Rodrigo Toledo Bastidasand the Naval Attaché of Chile in Argentina, Captain of the Ship Félix Miranda Zelada.

Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed in 1984

The 1984 Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Argentina and Chile represents the complete and definitive solution to the issues of border determination between both countries from the Beagle Channel to Cape Horn. This agreement arose as a resolution to the Beagle Conflict, which brought both countries to the brink of war in December 1978. Given the seriousness of the situation, both governments asked the Holy See to act as mediator in the dispute that arose in the southern zone, finally achieving a peaceful and negotiated solution to the conflict.

The treaty includes maritime delimitation and procedures for the resolution of disputes, as well as stipulating navigation rights and specifying the boundaries in the Strait of Magellan. It establishes that the sea to the west is Chilean and to the east is Argentine. Both countries mutually recognize the already established Straight Base Lines, which precisely delimit what each nation considers the shore of the islands and determine the jurisdictional waters. This agreement has been fundamental for stability and cooperation in the region, strengthening diplomatic ties and peaceful coexistence between both nations.

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