A day like today | July 7 | #7DaysAnniversary

A day like today | July 7 | #7DaysAnniversary
A day like today | July 7 | #7DaysAnniversary

Ephemeris July 7
: Ernesto Che Guevara begins a journey that will take him through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

1969In Canada, the official status of the French language is equated with that of the English language.

2005: Multiple terrorist attack in London, in three subway cars and a city bus, causing 56 deaths and 700 injuries.

2007: In Lisbon, Portugal, the Seven Wonders of the Modern World are chosen by vote; more than 100 million voters participated in the voting, by telephone or online.

2008In Colombia, a Boeing 747 cargo plane en route from Bogotá to Miami collides at kilometer 17 of the Mosquera road, leaving 3 people dead and 8 injured.

2013: British tennis player Andy Murray becomes the first British tennis player in more than half a century to win the Wimbledon tournament since Fred Perry did so 77 years earlier.

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