Yaiza Martín asks for help from justice to discover what Ginés Corregüela wants to do

The relationship between Yaiza Martin y Ginés Corregüela has taken an unexpected and controversial turn after their recent breakup. Yaiza Martín has requested legal help after discovering Ginés’ intentions to tarnish her public image.

The situation has escalated rapidly, with Ginés accusing his ex-partner of breaking into the flat they shared and destroying his clothes in an attempt to get revenge.

Just a week ago, Ginés Corregüela shared a video in which he appeared visibly affected, denouncing having been the victim of retaliation. In the images, Ginés was in the house he shared with Yaiza in Seville, crying and showing off his torn clothes. Although he did not mention Yaiza directly, the implication was obvious to many.

In the program FiestaYaiza Martín has already responded to Ginés’ veiled accusations. “I’m going through a very complicated stage after our breakup. Not only is it costing me health, but it’s also very unpleasant to have people pointing the finger at me,” she said sadly.

Yaiza Martín has made it clear that the case is in the hands of the justice system. “Credibility is being given to what is a false accusation. I was in Tenerife since Tuesday, and this was recorded on Saturday.”

“We knew we had to hand over the keys to the apartment in Seville on the 30th, which was a Sunday. I left a few days before,” Yaiza explained, stressing the lack of veracity in Ginés’ accusations.

Yaiza Martín wants to go all the way

The Canarian woman has assured that she will take the case to the very end. “I will pursue you to the end. Pardons are of no use. Do you know why? Because I have to keep coming to work. I go out into the street and people are pointing the finger at me for something that I have had to prove I did not do. A judge has already collected the evidence and the testimony,” she said.

Ginés Corregüela and Yaiza Martín in the 'Sálvame' program on May 25, 2023

Before leaving the apartment, Yaiza took preventive measures, aware of the media potential of her relationship and breakup. “Knowing what is behind it, everything they invent and do to be in the spotlight for five minutes, I tried to keep this from getting out of context,” she said.

Yaiza went to the National Police station in Seville, where she handed over all the relevant documents. “There the director has all the papers and videos, all the conversations and audios.”

“I explained how my relationship was and that this is media coverage. They tell things the way they want,” she said, showing her frustration with the situation.

Now it’s Ginés Corregüela’s turn

The controversy between Yaiza Martín and Ginés Corregüela has captured the attention of the public and the media. The followers of both are divided and the case continues to generate debates about the veracity of the accusations and media manipulation. Now it is Ginés’ turn to give his version, but he must be attentive because Yaiza’s lawyers will not miss any detail.

Meanwhile, Yaiza continues with her life and her professional commitments, determined to clear her name and prove her innocence. Justice will have the last word in this conflictive episode, which will surely mark a before and after in the lives of both protagonists.

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