Sturzenegger revealed who will accompany him in the new ministry

Following his swearing-in last Friday, Federico Sturzenegger has already provided details of the new state body.

Following his participation in the drafting of DNU 70/2023 and the “Ley bases”, Federico Sturzenegger was incorporated into the Executive Branch. Specifically, since last Friday he is the Minister of Deregulation and Transformation of the State.

After Javier Milei swore him in at the Casa Rosada, the new official began to detail the names that make up his portfolio. First, he welcomed Martín Rossi, who will serve as Secretary of Deregulation. “PhD in Economics from Oxford and currently Full Professor and Vice-Chancellor at UdeSA. He is one of the 3 economists with the most academic appointments,” he said.

“Maximiliano Fariña will accompany me as Secretary of State Transformation. He is an economist specializing in international trade. He is a professor at UdeSA and worked at the Secretariat of Foreign Trade. He has a master’s degree in economics from UdeSA,” Sturzenegger added.

Finally, he gave two other names that will join the new portfolio created by Milei. “Also joining the team are Marcelo Hernández, a lawyer from UNMdP who helped me in the process of reviewing laws last year, and Alejandro Tamer, an industrial engineer and co-founder of”

Through a “thread” of X, the minister explained his new role. “The president told me that the Ministry should work on two central themes: deepening the process of economic freedom and helping in the implementation of the State reform enabled by the Ley Bases,” he explained.

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