See, hear, applaud, whistle… – Process

See, hear, applaud, whistle… – Process
See, hear, applaud, whistle… – Process

Mining Symphony Orchestra in the Nezahualcóyotl Hall

The work “Canto de Macario” by Mexican composer Antonio Juan-Marcos, specially commissioned by the Orquesta Sinfónica de Minería (OSM), will celebrate its world premiere at the opening concert of the 2024 summer season. It will take place on Saturday, July 6 at 8 p.m. and on Sunday 7 at 12 p.m., in the Nezahualcóyotl Hall of the University Cultural Center, as part of Program 1, which will also include works by Rachmaninoff, Debussy, and Ravel, under the baton of the OSM’s titular director, maestro Carlos Miguel Prieto. “Canto de Macario,” inspired by the short story “Macario” by Juan Rulfo, is a tale that does not tell a story with a conventional narrative, but rather introduces us to the inner world of Macario, a complex and difficult-to-decipher character, with a mental disability that affects his perception of the world. Reports: 55562 27125 and 55555 44555.

In Morelos, Delirio Teatro presents “Pluto” by Aristophanes

As part of its Intergenerational Bridges project, Delirio Teatro is offering performances of Pluto in different venues in Morelos. The play, directed by Gilberto Guerrero, is a fun classic with a theme that is sadly still relevant: the poor distribution of wealth. Young actors and actresses from the state are participating, and they will be able to continue presenting the play on their own, once this tour is over. Produced by Ana Luisa Alfaro, starring: Víctor Villagrán, Poli Arana, Camila Yáñez, Roberto Roldán Campos, Andie Moncada and Erick Jiménez, under the direction of Gilberto Guerrero; set design and costumes by Dulce Zamarripa; songs by Alberto Rosas and lighting by maestro Juan Rico. The production will be on Saturday, July 6, at 7:00 p.m., at the Cuauhtémoc Theater in Tetecala, Morelos.

“Manuel M. Ponce” in his musical return, concert in Cuernavaca

This year is the “Manuel M. Ponce” year. The composer’s music is resuming its journey on the top Mexican stages through the Ponce Project Music Foundation, founded by his great-grandnephew, the musician Omar Herrera Arizmendi, and as part of an extensive program entitled “Ponce 243,” which will include premieres throughout the year in different venues, he will present the “Complete Works for Piano. Concert 1” with guest pianists Bárbara Prado and Rodrigo Acevedo Traba this Sunday, July 28 at 12 noon at the Ex Hacienda de Cortés in Cuernavaca, Morelos. More information:

Follow the 12th Gabo Festival in virtual broadcast from Bogotá

Experience the Gabo Festival 2024 in Bogotá, Colombia, live from wherever you are thanks to the alliance with Canal Capital, the festival’s official channel. Program, Saturday, July 6: Voices from the global south: communities, journalism and the climate emergency; A chronicler’s view: interview with Leila Guerriero; Routes of the Conflict live: Indigenous people displaced by palm; Boom Project presents: ‘The damned Darién’, the knot of the Americas; Neither magic nor the end of the world: understanding AI to tell stories. Sunday, July 7: Voices and images that narrate the struggle of the trans movement: interview with Arte Compacto; The truth is not silenced by imprisoning journalists; How to promote journalism of public interest?; Closing event: Experiences narrating the war and Performance “Stories of a war”. Information at: and

Goodbye to “Otto” with Linet Puente, Aitza Terán and Assira Abbate

“Otto” is a Clown show, with a simple language that intertwines physical theater, circus arts and live music, in a large-scale production. Collaboration of Aziz Gual and La Bomba Teatro. “Otto” ends this Sunday at the Guillermina Bravo Theater inside the Centro Cultural del Bosque (CCB), with closing season godmothers the host Linet Puente, and actresses Aitza Terán and Assira Abbate. Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of July at 1:00 p.m. Tickets at 80 pesos and CCB box office or

Exhibitions by Serioska Hellmund, Candiani and Fernández Helguera

The following exhibits will be on display throughout this month: one by the very talented artist Serioshka Hellmund, based in Tepoztlán, Morelos, called “The eternal validity of the soul,” which opened this week at Café Madre, Orizaba 131, Colonia Roma Norte. And also, the cultural center Futurama, whose headquarters in Lindavista has just opened the art, photography and painting exhibition by the creator Jeannette Candiani, accompanied by some of the masterpieces painted by Javier Fernández Helguera (Art Expo Conecta 2). Futurama is located at Cerrada Otavalo #15, Lindavista, CP 07300 (for information, contact VecindArte with Jorge Panameño, tel. 55753 67645, Serioshka Hellmund tel. 55326 66817, and Fernández Helguera, tel. 55746 03415).

LaChapelle and Manjarrez in San Lázaro Metro

Cultura Metro presents the photographic exhibition of 26 large-scale works “San Lázaro Iluminado”, a recreational option for this weekend at the San Lázaro Metro Station, Line 2, with which the renowned American artist David LaChapelle makes this unprecedented work available to users. In addition, there at the station you can enjoy the splendid mural by the painter, caricaturist and graphic artist Jorge Flores Manjarrez “Cine de Oro Mexicano” with urban portraits of Mexican film stars, a recently inaugurated masterpiece by the man who created the colorful rock frescoes at Metro Auditorio Nacional and Chabacano. For information, tel. 66186 07272 [email protected] and 55231 23203.

Verena releases new album

The young Mexican singer-songwriter Verena, who currently resides in Denver, Colorado (USA), presents her single “Viajero” with her new band Ojo de Luna. The song is now available on various music platforms and reflects her emotional journey and her ability to transmit deep feelings, mixing contemporary pop, R&B and neo-soul of Latin American heritage.

“My Demons” with Remik from Tijuana

An introspective journey by Remik González, a rapper from the tough neighborhoods of Tijuana, who started out as a kid with his lyrics on trucks and who today, with nine albums and millions of listeners to his raps, brings us an intimate and special album, info tel. 55342 79381.

“Codex Rock” played at Multiforo 246 in Roma

“UJU!” is out, the single that puts Urcid and the Macizo in the current showcase of new Mexican rock. To celebrate, this duo will offer a great concert called “Códice Rock” together with Los Cogelones and Funky Feral at Multiforo 246. Saturday, July 6th starting at 7 PM at Multiforo 246, Querétaro 246, Roma neighborhood, 300 pesos. Info tel. 55342 79381.

Justice triumphs at Glastonbury

Iconic French band Justice were one of the headline acts at the recent Glastonbury Festival, and their extraordinary set on June 30th was met with unanimous acclaim. Follow Justice on and at [email protected] and [email protected].

Johnny Cash releases album from beyond

On the powerful opening track, “Hello Out There,” from “Songwriter,” the late Johnny Cash’s acclaimed new album sounds like he’s reaching out from beyond the grave, as he bellows, “Hello out there/This is planet Earth/Calling, calling, calling, calling.” The sounds on this new album pull off the clever trick of being contemporary to us now while also being reminiscent of what Johnny Cash’s LPs sounded like during the heart of his recording years.

Let’s celebrate the Singing Cricket’s 90th anniversary together!

In this book by Mario Iván Martínez you will discover what the incredible childhood of Francisco Gabilondo Soler was like, nicknamed Cri-Cri, the Singing Cricket, who for many years has accompanied children on their journey through music and imagination. “On the occasion of this important anniversary, I have written a commemorative text that, in the form of a story, takes us back to the author’s childhood and is entitled “Of children, pianos and a cricket. Little Gabilondo.” The Mexican plastic artist Juan Gedovius collaborates with Mario Iván, a volume published by Penguin Random House and GABSOL SA de CV, a company that the maestro Gabilondo founded during his lifetime for the care and administration of his collection and is chaired by his son Tiburcio Gabilondo Gallegos (

Porfirio Diaz: The Other Story. New book by Océano

In this new novel, José Luis Trueba Lara brings us the story of a man who is controversial to this day, the one who governed the Mexican nation for the longest time and who lived in one of the most turbulent times in Mexico. Porfirio Díaz was an Oaxacan who grew up with complexes and when he came to power, he wanted to look like a European aristocrat. The fictionalized book of his life, told by himself from his exile in Paris. 392 pages, price $425.00.

“Crossed Paths”, a benefit screening for Tiresias’ House of Dolls

Swedish director Lavan Akin’s award-winning film “Crossing Paths” is being screened. Activists Kenya Cuevas and Sheyla Ferrera talk. Ticket proceeds will benefit the Casa de la Muñecas Tiresias civil association. This film received the Teddy Prize Jury Award at its premiere at the Berlinale 2024 festival and also won the Maguey Jury Prize at the FICG this year. Here, Lia, a retired teacher living in Georgia, receives news from her young neighbor Achi that her lost niece, Tekla, a transgender woman, has crossed the border into Turkey. Hoping to bring Tekla home after a period of separation, Lia travels to Istanbul with the unpredictable Achi to find her. Exploring the hidden depths of the city, they cross paths with a transgender lawyer named Evrim, who helps them in their search. Humanist and tender, Akin’s third film is a sincere representation of how to overcome the degrees of separation that divide us. With Mzia Arabulli, Lucas Kankava and Deniz Dumanli. Cinépolis Diana. Reforma 423, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City. Sunday, July 7 at 5 p.m.

“The Jewels of Oaxaca”, a television series

Hosted by Afro-Mexican singer and songwriter Alejandra Robles, the second season of “Las Joyas de Oaxaca” premieres this Saturday, July 6, at 6:30 p.m. on Channel 22.1, where stories of emblematic people from the state are shown. The first episode features master mezcal maker Sosima Olivera, from San Miguel Suchiltepec, Oaxaca. Influenced by the dynamics of family work, she learned the process of making this traditional drink and since she was a child, she became interested in its production. In this interview, she expresses her concern about the overexploitation of magueys, especially those endemic species. The rest of the programs are broadcast every Saturday, at 6:30 p.m., on Channel 22’s 22.1 and by streaming through the television station’s portal at

Animated series “Route 707 with LOL Surprise dolls”

MGA Entertainment, one of the leading companies in the toy industry, presents the third season of “House Of Surprises – LOL Route 707”, an animated series where Queen Bee, Neon QT, Western Honey, Quiet QT, Diva and MC Swagm embark on a road trip adventure to discover the most emblematic places in the country with amazing stops from a dinosaur restaurant to an enchanted castle. So take a seat and join this incredible adventure this holiday season 2024. This time, LOL Route 707 will star the LOL TOTS and not the already known LOL OMG. The new adventures will arrive in 3D animation with 15 mini chapters of 10 to 12 minutes long completely dubbed into Spanish. Celebrate LOL SURPRISE! day this July 7 with this exciting series, available on the official LOL Surprise! LATAM YouTube channel.

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