Students were unable to complete standardized tests due to system glitches

Students were unable to complete standardized tests due to system glitches
Students were unable to complete standardized tests due to system glitches

Standardized test. For illustrative purposes.

Last Monday, May 27, 992 students schools with a differentiated calendar and those studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) program began with the application of the National Summative Standardized Test.

According to data from the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), around 45 educational centers, of which 20 are public schoolsapply said evaluation.

After the start of these tests, the IB coordinators reported that a large number of students They failed to send the complete test due to system failures.

According to the details, through a circular, the MEP had informed that the young people had a time of 3 hours to complete the test, and a period of 4 hours for the groups of students who are for adaptation.

However, as detailed by several MEP officials, CRHoy.comyoung people from both regular and adaptation courses their platform was closed before the established time.

The circular states that it takes 3 hours to complete the test from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., and it turns out that after 2 hours, the test was closed, the platform threw them all out, not letting them finish the test nationwide. That happened today (Tuesday, May 28).

After 20 minutes, I don’t specify the time, they enabled the platform again, then the kids ran again to try to finish their tests and with that situation they had an anxiety attack, because they cried because of the stress they were going through, said coordinator Zaida Porras, from the Liceo Pacífico Sur.

This same situation occurred in private educational centers, including the Golden Valley School, where officials assured that the The victims this time were the adaptation students.

As explained to this media, the young people with the qualifications had a period of 4 hours to finish the exam, however, after 3 hours of the test the platform was closed and did not allow them to finish.

It happened to us, but with the students who have some kind of adjustment, they had 4 hours to take the exam and after 3 hours it was closed, so the kids who needed the most support in that sense could not complete it and they were not allowed to continue.

Right now the problem with the MEP is that they never respond, what they tell us is that it was the same thing that happened with the sixth grade exams is that the system crashed at the time of the exam and they tell us to send a report, added an official, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Without clear rules

The International Baccalaureate coordinators assure that in this evaluation process the rules “of the game” are not cleardue to the apparent “disorder” educational that exists with the guidelines issued by the educational portfolio.

According to the BI coordinator for the South Pacific, they have received circulars indicating that this week students would take the civics test on Tuesday and the social studies test on Wednesday.

Later, they received another email where that order was discarded, and the opposite was indicated (Tuesday social studies and Wednesday civics), however, through another message they received on Monday the 27th (1 day before the test), they were informed again that there was an “error” and that the correct order would be the following:

  • Tuesday, May 28, 2024: Civic Education
  • Wednesday, May 29, 2024: Social Studies

Circular issued by the MEP to regional coordinators.

The circular says that the first exam is civics and then social studies, so I send an email to the parents that we have received this information and I tell them the dates of the exam, which are the 28th and the 29th respectively.

On Thursday the rolls come out and it says that the first test is no longer civics, but social studies. I send another email to the parents saying: please, be aware of the change, it will no longer be civics on Tuesday, but social studies, please pay attention. On Monday (the day before the tests start) at 12:00 noon, they send us an email saying that we should check the rolls again, so I go back and check and they have changed the dates again. There are a lot of “mistakes” and games played with the students, said the official of a private educational center, who shares the same problem as the public schools.

Due to these problems, officials say that the Students are affected, with anxiety attacks and stress while the exams are being administered, since due to so many errors, the minors are pressured at the last minute.

Regarding this issue, the Ministry of Public Education was consulted, who confirmed the technological failures that occurred.

“During the application of the National Standardized Civics Test of the International Baccalaureate Program, some reports of technological incidents at the system level were presented, which were attended to immediately. The students logged back into the system and completed the test satisfactorily.

It is important to mention that the Quality Management and Evaluation Department provided technical support to answer the queries that were received. Regarding the time allocated to the test, the duration indicated in the regulations was respected, also taking into account the educational support that the students have,” the MEP explained to

Although the MEP assures that the queries received have been addressed, officials from various educational centers report little response.

Summative test

According to the School Calendar of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) 2024, this exam assesses knowledge and skills of all the components that comprise it.

The above, in accordance with the approaches and theoretical foundations of the Study Programs for Spanish, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry), Social Studies and Civic Education (secondary), based on the exit profile of each school year in which it is applied.

It is applied in two moments: one for diagnostic purposes (this was carried out in April) and the other for summative purposes (the grade determines whether or not the exam was passed).

According to the MEP regulations, this evaluation It is a requirement to obtain the Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education.

For its part, the International Baccalaureate is an assessment program for students aged 16 to 19 of formal education provided in public and private institutions nationwide.

By Regulation, students enrolled in IB are recognized for a large part of the curriculum they take, however, in accordance with the provisions of the Higher Education Council (CSE-SG-00711-2023 published on August 11, 2023, page 3) for the purposes of equivalence and recognition, PDBI students must take the National Standardized Test of Foreign Languages.

In addition, take and pass the Civic Education subject of Diversified Education, and take and pass the Social Studies subject.

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