Eclipse announce new studio album “Megalomanium II”

Eclipse announce new studio album “Megalomanium II”
Eclipse announce new studio album “Megalomanium II”

Swedish Eclipse will release their new studio album, “Megalomanium II», on September 20 via Frontiers Music Srl.

The vocalist Erik Mårtensson comments on the LP: “If you thought the title of our previous record was proof that we were suffering from delusions of grandeur, then you are absolutely right. The only way to top it was to record another one. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you ‘Megalomanium II’.”

The guitarist Magnus Henriksson He adds: “This band is on a continuous journey trying to find new avenues to explore. That being said, ‘Megalomanium II’ is probably closer to what people primarily associate with Eclipse. It’s packed with great choruses, beautiful melodies and incredible guitar playing. I’m totally biased, by the way.”

We leave you the video of «The Spark»

01. Apocalypse Blues
02. The Spark
03. Falling To My Knees
04. All I Want
05. Still My Hero
06. Dive Into You
07. Until The War Is Over
08. Divide & Conquer
09. Pieces
10. To Say Goodbye
11. One In A Million

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