“Deliver results instead of pandering to irresponsible proposals”

“Deliver results instead of pandering to irresponsible proposals”
“Deliver results instead of pandering to irresponsible proposals”

Criticism continues against Juan Fernando Cristo, the new Minister of the Interior of President Gustavo Petro’s government, for promoting a National Constituent Assembly. Catherine Juvinao, a representative in the House for the Green Alliance, says that the arguments of the head of the portfolio are “increasingly gaseous and contradictory to each other.”

He said this in response to a tweet in which Cristo claims to be the “biggest fan” of the Constituent Assembly, adding that “it also requires reforms and adjustments” such as “to the political system, to justice and a new territorial order.”

Juvinao wrote a letter and first of all recalled that the president presented a political reform “very poorly done, which eliminated minorities and maintained the status quo.”

Second, he assured that the reform of justice is “quite advanced in its design thanks to a technical and responsible minister like Néstor Osuna.”

Working groups have even been set up with Congress. Finish polishing it and present it, again, under the existing legislative procedures and under the baton of an authority on the matter, such as the new Minister Buitrago,” Juvinao recommended.

Finally, he asked the Government to present the reform to the territorial order, but he criticized the Government for not betting on decentralization.

“So far, the reforms that the Petro Government has presented in other areas are deeply contradictory to the principle of decentralization, since what they seek is to centralize decisions even more and give more power to the central government over the territories. Example: the health reform,” he commented.

Juvinao tells the minister that he has seen his interviews and “the only thing he has made clear is that no Constituent Assembly is needed for the purposes you state.”

“Do not let down the country that is watching you right now: enforce the 1991 Constitution and the peace agreement, as you yourself stated just a month ago,” the congresswoman, who has taken a critical stance towards the Government, asked.

“That is where they should focus. Deliver results instead of pandering to irresponsible proposals whose only goal is to advance the 2026 campaign and evade the responsibility of governing,” Juvinao said on his social networks.

Finally, he sent a personal message to the minister, suggesting that he end his political career as a “statesman” without promoting the National Constituent Assembly of the national government.

“You have everything to close your political career as a statesman, not as the last-minute promoter of a constituent assembly ‘pulled out of the cup, which has neither head nor tail’, as you yourself stated in your columns,” Juvinao concluded in his account of X.

The controversy surrounding the National Constituent Assembly, which will be presented as a project in the Congress of the Republic, continues.

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