14 apps to track and accompany your pregnancy

14 apps to track and accompany your pregnancy
14 apps to track and accompany your pregnancy

A list of the best apps to track your pregnancy in its different phases, with advice and all the information

We bring you a collection of 14 apps to track and accompany your pregnancywith which you will be able to monitor your progress week by week. These apps are mostly free, although some of them have paid versions with additional functions.

The pregnancy app industry is a wild one with everyone claiming to be number one. However, we have tried to give you a list that will help you differentiate what each app offers from the others. You also have apps with tips and advice for any questions you may have during pregnancy.

And as we always say in Xataka Basics, if you think we have left out any important application, we invite you to Tell us in the comments section. In this way, we will all make the article better, and the rest of the readers will be able to benefit from the knowledge of our xatakeros.

Flo Health

One of the most popular apps in the world focused on women’s health. It’s a Swiss Army knife in that you can track your period, your ovulation, it offers you a fertility calendar and a pregnancy assistant with which to help you.

To help you with all this, the app has a team of over 100 doctors and health experts, who create recommendations to improve your health. As for the pregnancy mode, it will track your status with a pregnancy guide. What you can expect each weekhelpful tips, and even an approximate status image to track your baby’s growth.


This is an application created by maternal-fetal medicine experts, doctors and midwives from BCNatal, the international reference centre in maternal-fetal medicine formed by the Hospital Clínic, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and the University of Barcelona.

The application will allow you to know the evolution of the baby and, most importantly, Access the forum to resolve your doubts with one of the largest Spanish-speaking communities. The app also has sections for childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding.


This is a specific app to track your pregnancy, with week-by-week information on what’s happening inside you and articles to keep you informed about everything. It also features 3D models of the state of the fetus in each of the weeks.

It also has interesting options such as a guide to the size of the baby in each week, comparing it with fruits you know to give you an idea. You also have tools such as a calculator to know what day the baby can be born, a kick counter, a weight log, and a timer to measure contractions.


This is an international mobile service, which gives you access to a tool for pregnancy monitoring already one of the largest communities in the world for pregnant women and their families. So, in addition to information and pregnancy registration, you will also have a community with more people to talk to.

As for tracking features, you’ll have all the information on the baby’s development week by week, as well as the changes in the mother’s body. It also offers more than 460 scientific articles for all stages of pregnancy, and you’ll be able to keep track of your weight, as well as have a calendar with reminders and a record of things like mood swings.

BabyCenter My pregnancy and baby

This is an app where you will get tips, watch videos and have a community to interact with other parentsThe app aims to go further, and in addition to offering you the possibility of tracking your pregnancy, it will also allow you to track your baby afterwards.

The app offers images of fetal developmentname finder, information about your body and tips for coping with pregnancy. It also has a due date calculator, a countdown, and a community to connect with other users.


Momly offers an app called My pregnancy week by weekwhich allows you to track your pregnancy on a weekly basis. You will be able to follow your pregnancy with weekly information on the approximate size of the baby so that to be able to follow its growth and size comparator with references such as fruits to give you an idea.

It also has a calendar that tells you How much time is left until delivery?as well as a calendar where you can add your weight, check-ups, blood pressure or medications. You also have many daily and weekly articles with all the information you will need. This service has an app that is currently exclusive to Android.

Pregnancy Tracker – Sprout

Sprout Pregnancy is another popular app that offers features like tracking your fetus with visual representations, a personal diary, birth calculator, and tracking your body changes. It also has planning tools and a community of users to help you with your questions.

Stardust: Period & Pregnancy

If you are looking for an experience that is a little less scientific and more sentimental, this application integrates astrology in addition to science in pregnancy monitoring. This means that the cosmos, the zodiac and the phases of the moon are taken into account.

The app personalizes notifications with information about your cycle and hormones, but also lets you know zodiac information. Additionally, for a more visual experience, when you add the approximate date of birth, you’ll see how a colored arc fills in around it as you get closer.

What to Expect

This is a web-based app based on a best-selling book about pregnancy. What it does is offer you a lot of information of each phase of pregnancy, with the possibility of monitoring the baby’s growth week by week.

Baby Tracker by Nara

Another fairly complete application, which in addition to being an app It is also a digital platform with all kinds of resources. You will also have an online community where you can ask other mothers your questions, as well as a series of educational articles to have all the information.

On top of that, it provides you with detailed pregnancy tracking week by week, you can keep a personal diary of your pregnancy recording symptoms, emotions and adding photos, you have a due date calculator and even a wish list of future gifts. You also have tools for when the baby is born continue to follow up.

Young Pregnancy

This is a pretty standard pregnancy tracking app, created by developers who also have apps for tracking your newborn or your menstrual cycle… but also water reminders or baby naming apps.

The app tells you what week you’re in, has a size comparison, a diary to record your weight, stomach growth and mood, a kick counter and almost everything else you could need.

Contraction counter 9m

This application is simpler, and intended for the final part of pregnancy. It is a contraction counterwhich allows you to measure their duration and frequency, and alerts you when there is a pattern that indicates that the time has come and that you need to go to the hospital.

It is quite easy to use. You just have to press a button when contractions beginand then again when they are finished. And the app and its algorithm will do the rest. You will also be able to rate the intensity of each one.


We continue with another somewhat more specific application. In this case, it is designed to help pregnant women by offering them custom exercises and wellness programs. You have everything from prenatal yoga to other types of workouts, all designed for different stages of pregnancy or for postpartum recovery.


And we’ll finish off with a fairly new app, which doesn’t have many reviews yet. It takes a slightly more minimalist approach to tracking your pregnancy, and includes a series of affirmations and positive reinforcement to try to help you with nerves and anxiety.

And it also has the most tools and features to expect in an app like this, like a contraction counter, a birth planner, and a diary to write down everything you want.

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