The opinion of the grandson of “Mantequilla” Nápoles on the comparisons with his grandfather

After a break of almost a year, the grandson of the legendary Cuban welterweight world champion, José Ángel “Mantequilla” Nápoles who has the same name and uses the same nicknamehe said he was proud to be part of this dynasty and will seek to exalt the memory of his grandfather and forge their own history.

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Asked about the weight he carries by carrying the nickname of his historic grandfather, much loved by the Mexican people, Naples Palencia said that he does not mind being compared as many people who saw their grandfather fight do.

“For me it is flattering to be part of such an important dynasty and taking that into account is what supports me to a great extent, My grandfather’s name is always presentBut in the end, I work very hard to make my own story and I also work hard so that my grandfather’s fame doesn’t go to my head,” he said.

Why did the “Mantequilla” Naples change its name?

The boxer’s original name was Ángel Eduardo Nápoles, however, decided to use his grandfather’s name as a way to honor his memory.

In fact, he said that it is normal that in each presentation people demand a lot from him to know where he comes from and he must fulfill that commitment: “It’s natural that people always compare me to my terms of style and the way he fought, but in the end I’m looking for my own identity.”

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The capital’s “Mantequilla” Nápoles nieto, returns to the ring with greater impetus and that was demonstrated at the José Sulaimán Arena in Monterrey, Nuevo León where he defeated his opponent in turn, the Guatemalan Geovany “Terremoto” González, by knockout during the Round Zero Upper Fight main event.

“I knew he was a dangerous and very strong opponent, I was also aware that he was shorter in stature so my strategy It was to prevent him from hitting too much and I was able to control it, in fact, I didn’t think I was going to knock him out.however, it was possible and I won the fight,” he said as he recalled his last fight that puts him back in action in search of a world title to better honor the memory of his grandfather.

At two minutes and 45 seconds into the eighth round, the lightweight battle ended in favor of the grandson of Cuban José Ángel “Mantequilla” Nápoles. With this result, Naples Palencia reached 17 victories in the professional field, where he also has two defeats and the same number of draws. Meanwhile, González Bartolón added his third defeat on the paid court, where he has 10 wins and three draws. “This victory motivates me a lot and forces me to continue working hard,” he added.

When will “Mantequilla” Nápoles’ next fight be?

“I was inactive for a year due to contractual issues in 2022, but now I’m back and eager to succeed and show what I’m about. My promoter and manager José Antonio “Charro” Hernández told me that at the end of August I could have a new fight and I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but he told me that it would be an interesting fight. I don’t know where the venue will be yet and I don’t have the name yet, but it’s something big and I’m looking forward to getting back in the ring,” said Nápoles Palencia regarding his near future.

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About the nickname Mantequilla he said: “I am mostly pleased that I am part of this “Mantequilla” dynasty, in fact, I like being called that, When I was an amateur I was “Mantequillita” and now I am “Mantequilla” And those who constantly compare me say that I have something of their style, but for me, it is something natural,” he said.

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In other results of the function where the winner was also the capital native Emmanuel “Perro” Salgado (5-0-2) He continued his undefeated status by tying with Monterrey native Héctor “Ratón” Robles (11-8-3), in the flyweight category. Meanwhile, in a featherweight fight, Guanajuato native Edgar “Jaguar” Torres (3-4-0) defeated Monterrey native Abraham Torres (3-2-0) by split decision.

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