Every month that passes is the hottest in history

Every month that passes is the hottest in history
Every month that passes is the hottest in history

It seems that global warming is not going to give us a single respite from now on.

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Not always when we talk about climate change we have to talk about serious problems for ecosystems, species and human beings, but on this occasion, according to the information published on the NASA website, it seems that we have to start to raise awareness that the Temperatures are rising irremediably in the planet.

The hottest months in history

The presence of climate shelters is not a mere formality or a measure that has been created only to raise awareness among the population. According to scientists at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the last may is he hottest may in history and it is the 12th month in a row in which the temperatures are rising on earth.

We cannot blame humans exclusively for this climate change, but it is clear that we have contributed to making it increasingly noticeable. And these latest records only confirm previous data, with 10 consecutive years of rising temperatures. Among the phenomena that modify our climate, and which also we can blamewe meet at The boy and the girl.

For example, El Niño of 2023which began to emerge in the spring of last year, helped that we had a very hot summer and autumn. This year, scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimate a 49% chance of developing a The girl between June and August and 69% between July and September, which would help cool part of the Pacific Ocean and, therefore, limit this rise in temperatures that we are experiencing.

However, it seems that at present the main cause of ocean warming Are the carbon dioxide emissionswhich means that the planet is also warming due to its main composition of water on 70% of its surface. However, the phenomena we have mentioned above are also capable of affecting other climatic events.

When The girlthis climatic phenomenon that is part of the natural cycle of the planet, appears in one year, it is most likely that a occurs most active hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean and on its coast. The westerly winds, which are situated in the atmosphere, are weakened by La Niña and this allows tropical storms to intensify. The reality is that, if you are a person who prefers cold to heat, you were born in the wrong era of history.

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