Ethiopian official killed in armed attack in Amhara

The attackers belong to the Fano militias, who took up arms in April 2023 against the federal government and regional authorities.

  • Ethiopian official killed in gun attack in Amhara

Ethiopian official media confirmed this Friday the Shooting of a local official in Amhara, region in the northwest of the country and the scene of terrorist operations for more than a year.

According to Amhara Media Foundationthe attackers belong to the Fano militias, the second largest among some 80 ethnic, racial and linguistic groups in the Ethiopian nationwho took up arms in April 2023 against the federal government and regional authorities.

The Foundation described the victim on its Facebook page as “brave and hardworking brother Ahmed Ali, killed at the age of 39 by shots fired by gunmen opposed to peace and unity.”

Although last August a national state of emergency was declared with the aim of suppress the Fano rebellion in Amhara, Two other local officials were killed in early June in the neighbouring North Shoa administrative region.

In June, the non-governmental organization Aklid, responsible for collecting data in conflict zones, recorded five incidents of violence against Amhara officials.

Although the country turned the page on the war in November 2022, it dragged on for two years in Tigray state, and was considered one of the deadliest conflicts in the world.

The Fano armed militias, who had already fought alongside federal forces in Tigray last year, gave a coup against government forces following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s announcement of his intention to disband regional militias, which reopened tensions in the country.

A previous report, issued by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, revealed that Ethiopia is suffering from a serious internal displacement crisis due to ongoing conflicts in the northern and central regions of the country, in addition to the climate crisis.

This is the second largest country in Africa, in terms of population. (120 million people), and is often witness to many local clashes where the political and social demands, and its protagonists commit numerous humanitarian violations against civilians.

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