OWL SLAUGHTER | The United States is preparing to shoot half a million owls

OWL SLAUGHTER | The United States is preparing to shoot half a million owls
OWL SLAUGHTER | The United States is preparing to shoot half a million owls

US prepares to shoot half a million owlsAgencies

He The spotted owl is a species that is in danger of extinction. on the west coast of the United States, so the country’s environmental authorities have put forward a controversial plan for the physical elimination of the invasive species that is accelerating its disappearance: the barred owl.

The barred owl is an owl that spreads at full speed in the same habitats where the spotted squirrel lives and, in addition, it has a greater reproductive capacity, which is putting its smaller cousin on the ropes.

Therefore, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has prepared a plan for the 450,000 Barred Owls have been wiped out in the states of Oregon, Washington and California.

The northern and Californian spotted owls have seen their populations decline dramatically over the past few decades, despite campaigns to conserve them and protect their habitats.

Native owls are displaced by invasive species

According to the AP agency, the strategy will be developed in those three states over thirty years“Without active management of barred owls, northern spotted owls could become extinct across much of their range,” said Fish and Wildlife Service Supervisor Kessina Lee.

Attracted with recordings

The plan, which would be carried out next spring, plans to attract barred owls by recording their songs and then shoot them downThe Wildlife Service will rely on government agencies, landowners, Native tribes or specialized companies to carry out this population reduction.

However, the decision to kill almost half a million of these invasive birds has sparked criticism from several conservation organisations. While some organisations reluctantly accept this method, others reject it.

The barred owl is the target of the population control plan

The American Bird Conservancy supports the government’s decision, Barred owls are not native to the West Coast and their removal, while regrettable, would save the spotted owls from extinction. But Wayne Pacelle, founder of the animal rights group Animal Wellness Action, is opposed to the move, arguing that the continued influx of more owls into spotted owl habitats will derail the operation anyway.

Some organisations have pointed out that this plan is reminiscent of other controversial plans, such as the decision to kill sea lions and cormorants to protect salmon on the West Coast or to eliminate brown-headed cowbirds to preserve warblers.


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