The Costa Tropical could disappear from the program

The Costa Tropical could disappear from the program
The Costa Tropical could disappear from the program

He Institute for the Elderly and Social Servicesknown as IMSERSOis working on the 2024/25 season, which began on July 1, when the application period for reserving a place opened, which will be valid until the 22nd of the same month. The objective of this Travel Program is to offer reduced-price trips for senior citizens, pensioners and retirees.

For this season, the organization of the IMSERSO The idea has been to “meet the established deadlines”, since last season the fact of not being able to comply with the new tender, which has been extended for this season, was a big problem. But the reality that IMSERSO is finding is that there are destinations that are not willing to renew their link with this Tourism Program.

The Costa Tropical is considering abandoning IMSERSO trips

The most popular destinations, and those with the most vacancies, are coastal destinations. Now, for the new season there could be news, since the IDEAL has reported that the leader of the Hoteliers Association of the Costa TropicalJesús Megías, has warned again that the low remuneration they receive for accommodating retirees has caused many hotels to abandon. This could cause the destination of the Costa Tropical to disappear from the program of the IMSERSOsince, according to various sources, it has low profitability for hotel establishments in the region.

The Costa Tropical is considering abandoning IMSERSO trips

As reported by IDEAL, the reality is reflected in the data, and this destination has gone from having more than 10,000 places for senior citizens, around 100 a week, to now offering only 74 places. And the fact is that, last season, there was only one hotel, which was in Toboso and had three stars.

Jesús Megías pointed out that “the central government should change its policy and offer plans that take into account dates, hotels and stars so that pensioners can freely choose where to stay.”

More destinations are considering leaving the IMSERSO Tourism Program

But the Costa Tropical is not the only destination that has considered leaving the trips of the IMSERSOand there are more destinations that complain that the Tourism Program is not well designed at present. It is all due to the fact that they do not fulfill their function of keeping hotels open in the low season and maintaining employment, since they have to work at a loss.

In addition, they argue that there are other alternatives that are more profitable for them, since they leave more income than the IMSERSO Tourism ProgramFor example, Benidorm hoteliers have decided to freeze reservation quotas for these trips for seniors until the prices for the 2024/2025 campaign are known.

And this decision has put the organization on alert. IMSERSOsince the position of the Valencian hoteliers has caused great uncertainty, since Benidorm It is the star destination, with nearly 1 in 5 of the 886,269 places that, according to the specifications, should go on sale.

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