Spain’s plan to stop Mbappé in Euro semis: “Stay united”

Spain’s plan to stop Mbappé in Euro semis: “Stay united”
Spain’s plan to stop Mbappé in Euro semis: “Stay united”

The duel before Kylian Mbappéone of the most decisive players in the world, who has not yet shown its best level at Euro 2024 conditioned by a fracture of the bones of the nose, is One of Spain’s concerns in the semi-finals against Francewith keys that Marc Cucurella pointed out that “being united” and be “solidary” in providing aid.

“We will have to be very focused“When we are attacking, we must always be vigilant because they have very fast players up front who want to exploit. The game is about being very focused. If we are alert, and when we lose, we quickly recover the ball, we have many chances,” said Cucurella.

“Football is more of a collective game. If it were one on one it would be complicated, but it depends on us, We are good with the ball and a very supportive team. We spare no effort, we give everything for each other, and that is the key. We have to be united and minimize their counterattacks, which is their strongest point,” he added.

Con Dani Carvajal’s absencewho will not be able to mark his future teammate at Real Madrid, everything points to the entry of Jesús Navas. Cucurella was asked if he would accept a band change to be in charge of marking Mbappé.

“It is the manager who has to make the decision”“I always try to give my best, but he decides, and whoever gets to play will show that he is a great player. We all had to earn it to be here and whoever gets to play is a very nice gift, but Luis de la Fuente decides,” he acknowledged.

What Cucurella is sure of is that whoever Spain plays, they have a style and a personality, and they have already shown that they are ready to compete against great footballers.

“In the end, no matter how fast they are, if we have the ball we don’t let them run. “By being close to them we can counter them very well. Against Germany we showed that we could suffer and they also had fast players like Musiala or Sané who we countered very well. The most important thing is us, no matter how fast they are. If we have the ball and play as we know how, we can do a lot of damage to them,” he concluded.

Cucurella spoke about the hand against Germany and the “red” for Kross

“He hits my hand, but I see that the referee quickly says ‘no, no’“He did it very quickly and that made me feel better. If the referees’ experts have said it’s not a handball, then it’s not a handball and that’s it,” Cucurella told reporters.

“I’m a player and I don’t get involved in that, If the referees have said it was not a handball, I still respect the end they are the ones who have to get involved and make the decisions. If they have said so, I understand that it is not a hand,” he added.

The move has caused a lot of controversy in Germany and Cucurella was understanding, but also responded by recalling Kroos’s tough tackle that injured Pedri and was not punished with a card, which would have led to his expulsion in the second half.

“I understand that it is a somewhat dubious action. We are tired of seeing some handballs that are called and others are not. If Germany had won, we wouldn’t be talking about this, these things happen, these are decisions. We could have complained that Kroos could have been shown a card and sent off.“, he said.

“Referees are people“They have to make very quick decisions and football is a game of mistakes and successes. We were more successful than them in getting through to the next round,” he concluded.

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