Opinion: Petro, you don’t play with our taxes

Opinion: Petro, you don’t play with our taxes
Opinion: Petro, you don’t play with our taxes

Before the eyes of all Internet users, we saw the image in which President Gustavo Petro was allegedly walking hand in hand with a woman, in the heart of Panama.

This news continued to grow until it reached international media, even the presumed president of Venezuela and close friend of Petro; Nicolas Maduro, made fun of this event, while the Government tried to make it look like it was a setup, even asking for the collaboration of the trans presenter involved; Linda Yepez.

All these efforts were in vain since President Petro himself had to write in a tweet that he would not interfere in his private life.

But should Petro’s affair in Panama really be private?

This event occurred in Panama, during an official visit by President Petro, who was there as Head of State, representing the interests of Colombia. This event was so important that during the inauguration of the President of Panama, José Raúl Murillo, he spoke about the closing of the Darién Gap, the border zone between Panama and Colombia, which is generating an increase in migrants in our territory, such as in Necoclí, Apartado, Turbo, among other municipalities of Antioquia. However, instead of seeking an immediate solution with the Government of Panama, he supposedly preferred to take a risk.

On this “working” trip that the President was on as Head of State, he was paid for his food, transportation, accommodation and even the treats he wanted. And all this comes from our taxes. What’s more, when the president leaves the country, he is given extra money for commissioning his entire entourage with whom he travels.

And although the Attorney General’s Office scolded the First Lady, Verónica Alcocer, for traveling around the world on behalf of the Government with expenses paid for by our taxes; this does not mean that she can get on the same plane as the President, sleep in the same hotel, in the same bed. All this with the intention so that the President does not look for what he has not lost. With the purpose of not creating an international scandal, in which the representation of the country falls into the mockery of everyone.

If the President wanted privacy, he should have asked for the three weeks of annual vacation that he is entitled to and travel wherever he wants and be with whomever he wants, but with money from Petro’s pocket, but not with our tax money, which he takes more and more from us every year.

And if he wanted more privacy, he should have stayed away from politics; in the end, Gustavo Petro and Verónica Alcocer attacked any personal aspect of Ivan Duque and his wife, just because of the way they dressed.

Could Petro regret crossing ethical lines?

Opinion: Cristian Salcedo

*This opinion does not compromise the editorial line of this media outlet. At Entre Ceja y Ceja we respect the diverse opinions and ways of thinking in the country.

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