How to buy cheap in Chile without traveling, through a platform: what it is and how to use it

How to buy cheap in Chile without traveling, through a platform: what it is and how to use it
How to buy cheap in Chile without traveling, through a platform: what it is and how to use it

If you have been following the shopping tours to Chile that allow many Argentines to equip themselves with clothing, technology and items for less 50% of what they would spend in the country but you can’t traveldon’t worry. Now, even if you don’t plan on planning a getaway, You will be able to make the Christmas bonus last buying you what you need without leaving your home, wherever you are.

The thing is a platform unites travelers, making both parties benefit from the deal. Whether you are shopping online or are the one who travels frequently.

The platform is called Grabr, and it works as a network of trusted tourists.. That is why consumers can buy from abroad and receive their products in the country. There are many destinations for virtual shopping, but Chile became popular due to its proximity and the price differences that have been recorded recently.

Those who travel and Those who agree to bring products can earn extra money to finance their own transfers. From the app they explained that, in 2023, these frequent passengers were able to make profits of up to USD 1000.

“Rewards are usually between 10% and 20% of the value of the product. Technological or luxury items are the ones that leave the most money, because Their commissions are higher and their size allows you to bring several on the same trip,” said Grabr.

How does Grabr work?

The traveler buys the product with his money, and if he has a card that earns miles or points, he can redeem them for free flights. Your responsibility is to take care of the purchased items until they are delivered, and you may transport the number of orders that the free space in your suitcase allows.. The platform holds the money until delivery is made.

Shopping in Chile. The modality became a rage because of the money you can save

To buy online you have to follow three steps: 1) Go to the website of the Chilean store you have chosen, copy the product link and paste it into
2) Accepting a “Traveler”’s offer as soon as possible, so that he has enough time to purchase and bring it to you.
3) Receive it at the place of the country you are in.
Grabr riders on their way to your city will make offers to deliver your product. You can choose the one you want and pay through the platform. Your payment will be held until you confirm that you have received everything, and then it will be released.
The products that are most convenient to buy are: Clothing: well-known brand clothing at lower prices than in Argentina. Tires: save up to 50% on cars or trucks. Technology: smartphones, tablets, notebooks.

This winter, the coat is the most sought after. A Columbia women’s jacket, model Delta Ridge Down, costs 149,990 Chilean pesos, which is translated into Argentine pesos at $144,603. This same jacket in Argentina costs $398,680.

A Campera for men, The Hikebound model is priced at 109,990 Chilean pesos to 106,040 Argentine pesos. For children, in Chile they cost the same for both genders 89,990 Chilean pesos, in Argentine pesos it is $86,758.

Can’t travel and want to take advantage of Chilean prices? A platform allows you to buy online and receive products, wherever you are

For children, some Adidas sneakers They cost $27,990 ($26,980 ARS) and in Argentina the same ones cost $67,000. At Nike, a pair of children’s sneakers costs 126,000 Chilean pesos, about 121,475 Argentine pesos, and a pair of adult soccer cleats costs $80,000 Chilean pesos.

Los Tires are other of the most sought after items and has a large price difference in the market of the neighboring country, pFor two new covers they ask for 200 thousand Argentine pesos, including alignment and balancing.when it comes out in the Upper Valley 250 thousand per tire.

Household appliances They are also an option to take advantage of. A Nespresso capsule coffee machine costs $84,990 Chilean pesos ($90,939 ARS), the same costs in the country $228,390. JBL Go3 speaker 39,000 Chilean pesos, about $37,500 Argentine pesos. Here they are at about $78,000 on Mercado Libre. A 128 GB iPhone 14 cell phone in Chile costs $729,990 Chilean pesos ($781,089 ARS) and in Argentina it costs no less than $1 million.

This content was originally published in RÍO NEGRO and is republished as part of the program “Periodismo Humano”, an alliance for quality journalism between RÍO NEGRO and RED/ACCIÓN.

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