The first Debate on the State of the Municipality of the legislature in Cartagena will be held on the 19th

Sunday, July 7, 2024, 08:28

The isolation of the railways, the blockade of the new port of El Gorguel, the creation of employment, the commitment to training for an industry in transformation and the growth of Cartagena with tools such as the new General Urban Development Plan will be the main themes of the Debate on the state of the Municipality, which will be held on the morning of the 19th. The mayor, Noelia Arroyo, has already notified the municipal groups of the next call for this plenary session, which is held every year without municipal elections, at the end of the political year.

Arroyo will inform all political groups about what has happened in the last year, the first of the current legislature, highlighting the areas of growth but also those that are hindering it and the reasons for this, indicated sources from her cabinet.

One of the main ideas that she will express is that of a Cartagena in transformation and growth. On the same day, the 19th, the four-month public exhibition period of the progress of the General Urban Development Plan drawn up to retire the one from 1987 will begin. So she will speak about the new urban planning regulations as a document for the sustainable growth of the municipality in the coming decades. Arroyo does not rule out being able to make some “important” announcement about the local housing market.

Employment data, with the lowest unemployment rate in recent years, industrial transformation with new private investments and the commitment of the administrations to turn Cartagena into a European benchmark for the defence industry will be other key topics of a session in which the spokespersons of the municipal groups Popular, MC, Socialist, Vox and Sí Cartagena will intervene. The mayor intends to mention the “healthy” financial situation of the municipality, as well as the economic pillars on which the municipality is based.

No progress in the Corridor

The first ideas that Arroyo’s team is considering also include the problems that the municipality is suffering and which, they warn, are not within the municipal jurisdiction. Among them, the railway isolation that the municipality is suffering, the absence of deadlines for the arrival of the high-speed line to the city and the lack of specificity on the part of the State regarding the Mediterranean Corridor being the complement that the port needs as soon as possible. There will also be mention of the Government’s blocking of the container terminal project in El Gorguel and the objections it raises to the extension of the Escombreras dock.

The Naval Hospital’s immigrant camp will be a prominent topic. That week, the deadline given by the City Council to the Ministry of Migration to guarantee in writing, with a document addressed to the Ministry of Defense, that it will not acquire the old hospital to transform it into an immigrant residence center, CETI, will be met.

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