Step by step: how to know the location of a cell phone using only the phone number

Step by step: how to know the location of a cell phone using only the phone number
Step by step: how to know the location of a cell phone using only the phone number

Nowadays, the cell phone is almost an extension of the human body, due to its use for communication and daily tasks. However, since it is so exposed in our daily routine, it runs the risk of being forgotten or stolen. In these cases, not only can Google Maps be a solution to find it, but there are also options that allow you to find a smartphone just by knowing its phone number.

It is of utmost importance to know how to track the location of an Android device in order to be able to get it backThere are various methods for this.

How to locate an Android phone with Google Maps

To find an Android device (cell phone, tablet or smartwatch), there must be a linked google account in the team and that has GPS activated. In this way, tracking can be done from the website

A screen appears on the page where real-time location is displayed and besides, there is the option «Play sound»which makes the lost device ring for 5 minutes.

The possibility of is also available «Lock device», function that sends a command that not only blocks the use of the device, but also Sign out of your Google account.

Locate cell phone through Google. Photo: screenshot

How to know the location of a cell phone with just the phone number

On the other hand, there is an alternative to the above procedure that is not official from Google. It is send an email to [email protected] with the subject «track by Google Maps».

In the body of the email you should include phone numberbut the last 4 digits have to be replaced by “4x”. The user will then receive the precise location of the lost phone.

Another way is through third party applicationshow can it be Eyezyinitially designed to control parental. Simply install it on the smartphone you want to track to Know the movements of the person carrying the cell phone. It should be noted that you can’t track someone without their consent.

You can track a cell phone with just the phone number. Photo: Unsplash

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Share your location with friends or family

Another way to locate a phone is to share the location with friends and family. To do so, the user must have the GPS connection is active and enter the Google Maps app. Then, press on the circle with the photo (top right) to access various options, where it appears «Share location».

After pressing it, the location can be Share via apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram or e-mail. The location of the cell phone can be displayed during a time range that goes from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

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