The Greens will hold their 15th federal congress in October in the Canary Islands

The Greens will hold their 15th federal congress in October in the Canary Islands
The Greens will hold their 15th federal congress in October in the Canary Islands

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Jul 7 (EFE).- The federal board of the Greens, the governing body of the party between congresses, has called the 15th Federal Congress of the Greens, which will be held in the Canary Islands on October 18, 19 and 20, to mark the 40th anniversary of its founding in 1984, the organization reported.

The Greens have approved the strategic document that will serve as a basis for discussion in local and regional assemblies, which highlights “the Greens’ reaffirmation of their pacifist and anti-war policy, the denunciation of the pre-war atmosphere that exists throughout the European Union, and the arms race and increase in military spending by the Spanish Government,” according to a statement.

In doing so, they are in disagreement with the current position of Die Grünen (German Greens) on sending weapons to Ukraine.

The Greens have expressed their opposition to the use of violence and have strongly criticised “Hamas terrorism and the humanitarian slaughter that Israel is causing among the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank.”

They also demand an immediate ceasefire, recognition of the Palestinian state and UN involvement in the peace talks.

The Greens will promote policies against climate change based on the circular economy, the reduction of energy consumption, the use of land and raw materials, food, energy and people sovereignty, the increase in public housing and cooperative solidarity against the abusive rise in prices and poverty.

They also call for “the reunification of all political environmentalism to form a broad green front to stop the extreme right, the right wing, and also the timid and ineffective policies against the emergency of climate change, the housing problem and the rise in prices of the left currently in power.”

The Greens are very critical of the PSOE-PP pact for the reform of the CGPJ which, they say, “has meant a sharing of seats between the two parties of the 1978 system, with the PSOE missing an opportunity to reform and democratise the Spanish judicial system.” EFE


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