NASCAR reveals new electric vehicle prototype

NASCAR reveals new electric vehicle prototype
NASCAR reveals new electric vehicle prototype

In the framework of the presentation of the NASCAR Cup Series In Chicago, the specialty announced its partnership with ABBa multinational company specialized in electrification and engineering. The company became the first official partner of NASCAR Impacta NASCAR platform that works in the “contribution to a more sustainable planet”. And together, They presented the first prototype of an electric car in the category, in their quest to achieve sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.

In April 2023, NASCAR committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2035. In that announcement, the decision was communicated to achieve 100% renewable electricity both on the tracks and in its own facilities, and the development of a sustainable fuel. “While NASCAR is committed to the historic role of the combustion engine in racing, it is also committed to decarbonizing its operations and reducing its own carbon footprint to zero in its core operations.” highlighted.

The NASCAR ABB EV. It is not expected to be used in official competitions at this time.


This prototype was developed jointly with Ford, Chevrolet and Toyotathe three representative brands of the current NASCAR Cup Series. In addition, It featured the work of NASCAR engineers who developed the Next Gen car released in 2022. It has three six-phase STARD UHP motors (one front and two rear) that supplies power directly to the four specially designed tires.

It has an adjustable powertrain, a 78 kWh liquid-cooled battery and can produce 1000 kW at peak power. The body is generic from a crossover CUV and is made from linen, sitting on a Next Gen chassis.

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