Spain is the fourth country in the OECD

Spain is the fourth country in the OECD
Spain is the fourth country in the OECD

Spain is the fourth OECD country in terms of antibiotic consumption, behind only Greece, France and Poland, according to the 2023 health indicators report prepared by the international organisation. Antibiotic prescriptions in Spain amount to 18.4 defined daily doses per 1,000 inhabitants, when the OECD average consumption is 13.1.

  • What is the defined daily dose? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is the technical unit for comparing drug consumption internationally. It refers to the assumed average daily maintenance dose for a drug used for its main indication in adults.

In its report, the OECD recalls the need to limit the use of antibiotics to strictly necessary cases, in order to avoid the emergence of resistant superbacteria.

  • What are superbugs? These are bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics. They are insensitive to treatments and can replicate and survive even in the presence of the drug. The WHO defined them in 2021 as an “urgent health problem of global proportions.”

As reported by, approximately 1.2 million people die each year from superbug infections. By 2050, these types of pathogens could cause up to 10 million deaths per year if no measures are taken.

The National Plan for Antibiotic Resistance highlights the importance of avoiding self-medication at all costs, using medications correctly and taking them until the end of the treatment.




National Plan for Antibiotic Resistance

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