A woman wins the lottery twice in the same month: this is how she invests her money

A woman wins the lottery twice in the same month: this is how she invests her money
A woman wins the lottery twice in the same month: this is how she invests her money

Sally with the two winning tickets (People’s Postcode Lottery)

A woman from Oxfordshire, England, managed to win the jackpot twice in June Zip Code Lotteryl. As the lucky one, named Sally, explained, The Sun He bought his tickets based on a strong premonition he had in the year 2022. “A couple of years ago I had a dream about the People’s Postcode Lottery”.

He recounts that in his dream he saw “a white van with the Zip Code Lottery logo sitting at the end of the road at the gate. I saw 30,000 pounds written on a card” and that from that moment on “has been pretty close to my mind every day since then. I’ve thought about it most weeks”.

Despite her husband Murray’s taunts, Sally remained adamant that a great victory was on his way. “I kept telling everyone: ‘My victory is approaching‘”, and now his premonition has come true.

However, Sally says she wants to be “sensible” with the new cash and doesn’t plan to spend it on supercars and champagne. She says she plans to use the winnings to buy a house when her husband decides to retire: “That’s my dream – a little cottage somewhere. Maybe now we can buy a house in Shiplake and stay in the village, something we never thought we could do. My husband has worked very hard for us and never asked for anything in return… now I can give something back to him.”

Sally also says it would “mean the world to me” to be able to retire while battling spinal and shoulder conditions, and use some of the money to help her two children. She does have one small luxury in mind, though: a world cruise so he could see the world without awakening his fear of flying.

“The main priority is to use this money wisely and sensibly, to secure our future and to help the family, of course. We will seriously study what we can do to help ourselves for the rest of our lives.“, Add.

In the UK, the Postcode Lottery presents an innovative form of gambling, where Prizes are awarded to residents of a defined postal areaThis game, which has been in operation for more than a decade, allocates part of its profits to charitable causes and seeks to help those most in need within the communities.

This is the money that the Treasury keeps from the tenths of the Lotería del Niño.

The operation of the Postal Code Lottery is simple: lPrizes are not awarded to a specific number but to all those who reside in a certain postal code area and have purchased a ticketThis means that people from the same community can share in the joy of winning. However, the size of the prize varies, with more specific postcodes receiving larger rewards compared to wider areas.

The mechanics of this lottery encourage the purchase of tickets because of the possibility that all residents will benefit. Similar to what happens with the tenth of the Christmas Lottery in Spain, Concern about missing out on the prize drives people to buy sharesThis psychological element, “let’s see if everyone will get it and not me,” is a strong motivator in the dynamics of the game.

On the other hand, this lottery promotes solidarity and contributes to philanthropy through the distribution of funds to various charitable organizations. Thus, those who participate not only have the opportunity to win, but also to support important causes.

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