with own funds and without help from Nation, Nacho Torres declares the agricultural emergency

with own funds and without help from Nation, Nacho Torres declares the agricultural emergency
with own funds and without help from Nation, Nacho Torres declares the agricultural emergency

Due to the polar cold wave and the storms of snow and wind, only in the southern area of Chubut “There are around 900,000 to 1,000,000 animals at risk,” he said. Juan Jose Anglesio, President of the Rural Society of Commodore Rivadavia.

With resources from Chubut

Torres announced that work is underway to declare an agricultural and livestock emergency, with the aim of channelling provincial resources to assist producers at a time when national funds that should be allocated for this purpose are not yet available.

The Government highlighted the work of Provincial and National Roads, to clear and unblock numerous roads leading to the main livestock farms, which had been rendered unusable due to heavy snowfall.

At the same meeting, progress was made on the creation of a Law on the Sustainability of Extensive Sheep Farming.

Ignacio Torres

Ignacio Torres, governor of Chubut, announced that he will declare an agricultural and livestock emergency.

In this regard, Torres expressed the commitment of finance with provincial resources all operational issues that may arise from this law. He also confirmed that the sanction of the law will seek to give continuity to the Prolana program, which currently depends on the Nation and is suspended. According to the project, the sustainability of Prolana would also be guaranteed with provincial funds.

In another part of the meeting, Torres spoke about another project of the provincial Executive, which seeks to include livestock producers in the social work Serousbelonging to the Chubut Social Security and Insurance Institute.

The integration scheme would be similar to the one reached weeks ago through an agreement with the Chubut Business Federation.

Another of the issues mentioned by the Governor was the commitment to negotiate with the Nation the payment of the Lanar II Plan, which has a specific allocation of national funds and benefits local producers, but is not being fulfilled.

Torres also said that it is essential to implement the application of the agricultural dollar for the wool sector, seeking to extend the benefits already guaranteed to other sectors.

Elon Musk’s Starlink arrives in the Province

The idea of ​​the Cuban government would be to include the agricultural sector within a specific program that is already in process. With this program, they will seek to offer an efficient and secure communication system through Starlink – the satellite network of Internet de Elon Musk, which began operating in Argentina – for health centers and schools located in the most remote areas of the province.

For her part, the Minister of Production of Chubut, Digna Hernando, detailed the actions that are being carried out from her portfolio to develop a specific guanaco management plan for Southern Patagonia, which will include the provinces of Black River, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego.

There was also talk of the need to manage a sheep law exclusively for Patagonia, together with other provinces in the region.

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