Mother of the patrolman who was killed in a shootout in Bogotá

Mother of the patrolman who was killed in a shootout in Bogotá
Mother of the patrolman who was killed in a shootout in Bogotá

As Heiner Yoel Loaiza Colo The Bogotá Metropolitan Police patrolman who was killed in the middle of a confrontation with thieves on Saturday, June 6, near the TransMilenio South Portal in Ciudad Bolívar, was identified. Loaiza, who had just turned 28 on May 28, had been serving in the National Police for eight years.

Shooting at the South Portal of Bogotá

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The uniformed officer, originally from Ibagué, Tolima, had been transferred to Bogotá just six months ago and was assigned to the Ciudad Bolívar unit. to be part of the National Model of Surveillance by Quadrants. Before this, Loaiza was assigned to the Caquetá Police Department, to the CAI La Solita.

Liliana Colo, the young man’s mother, told CityNoticias Fin de Semana that she needed justice and that his son’s crime would not go unpunished because he had died fulfilling his duties to the country and they had returned him dead.

“Those Venezuelans killed me all for defending the people. Why, Mr. Mayor, do you allow Venezuelans to do so much harm to the police? Don’t allow it.“My son was killed and he had only been here for six months,” the woman said.

She also said that her son was very happy to have arrived in Bogotá. “He told me ‘Mommy, I’m very happy that they’re going to transfer me to Bogotá because I’ll be able to be closer to you.’ And I received him with a lot of love because I wanted to have him by my side and look what happened to him, they took him from me, they killed him.”

It was precisely in the middle of one of those routine activities, checking the areas of Bogotá, that Loaiza came across four thieves who were trying to commit a robbery near the TransMilenio South Portal. At that moment an exchange of gunfire began in which two men, riding a motorcycle, shot him in the abdominal area. which was not covered by the bulletproof vest provided.

Although Heiner was immediately transferred to the Cardiovascular Hospital in Soacha, at around seven o’clock last night doctors reported that he had died due to the severity of his injuries.

Given the magnitude of the events, Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán said that “I deeply regret the murder of patrolman Heiner Loaiza, who was injured this morning. when he was facing those responsible for a case of theft in Ciudad Bolívar.”

And then he recalled that Patrolman Loaiza served the National Police for 8 years. “All my solidarity with his family and with the Colombian Police. His death should hurt us all and unite us as a city. We will continue to attack criminal gangs in Bogotá head-on and without respite.”

In this case, two people have already been arrested and General José Daniel Guadrón, commander of the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá, offered a reward of up to 20 million pesos for anyone who provides relevant information that leads the authorities to the capture of two other alleged suspects. in the death of the uniformed man.


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