“The match against Colombia will be as demanding as the one against Brazil”

“The match against Colombia will be as demanding as the one against Brazil”
“The match against Colombia will be as demanding as the one against Brazil”

Uruguay’s victory over Brazil in the quarter-finals of the Copa America defined Colombia’s rival and the semifinal keys for the next phase of the competition. The sky-blue team tied without goals with the Brazilians and won the penalty shoot-outs, with the missed shots by Douglas Luiz and Éder Militão.

After the match, Marcelo Bielsa, the team’s coach charrúaspeak How do you think the next match against the Colombian National Team will be?compared to the quarterfinal duel. “The match against Colombia will be as demanding as today’s because it is a team that has been evolving a lot from game to game,” he said.

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The Rosario coach praised and highlighted the present of the Colombian players, explaining that their good present It is due to the evolution and development they have had in recent years, thanks to the competition in the world’s top leagues. With presence in the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, among others, The competitive level of Colombians in the world has increased compared to previous seasons.

“The Colombian player has undergone a transformation because They play in the best leagues in the world and compete naturally. So to the freshness and predominantly creative football that has always distinguished the expressions of that country, now “We have added everything that is essential to survive in today’s football”he added.

In addition to the good present in general terms, Bielsa considers that Colombia is reinforced in its attack front with heavyweight players, something that is unusual to see. In the opinion of the experienced coach, The replacement within the bench gives him many variants to be able to beat the rival goalwhich does not happen in other teams.

“It is a team with too many forwards and that is not common in the world of football. It is a team that has more than one option for each position, and without major differences between the one who starts and the one who enters. All these things can be verified because they are not my opinions, they are realities.he concluded.

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