Church applies strategy based on 5 axes to attract parishioners

Church applies strategy based on 5 axes to attract parishioners
Church applies strategy based on 5 axes to attract parishioners

Faced with the distance and loss of believers in the Catholic faith, the Archdiocese of Mexico announced the strategy it will implement to rectify its actions towards those who at one time were not listened to as they deserved.

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The plan includes 5 axes of work identified after the XXIII Archdiocesan Assembly 2024 was held last May, from which the document called Guidelines for pastoral renewal emerged, which this Sunday were summarized in the editorial of the Catholic weekly Desde la Fe.

According to the publication, the five tasks that the Archdiocese of Mexico will work on during the next three years are:

  • One: Going out to share the joy of the Gospel, which translates into “going out of the temples” to bring the message of the Catholic faith to those who have decided to turn away from it.
  • Of the: Listening with commitment; this implies “promoting a change of attitude in listening to those who” seek to get closer to the church but do not know how.
  • Three: To welcome with empathy; this mission entails for the archdiocese and its members “listening actively and without prejudice to others, showing genuine interest in their thoughts and feelings.”
  • Four: To form missionary disciples, that is, “to update the training of those who approach the Church to evangelize with greater integrity and closeness to reality.”
  • Cinco: Spirituality of communion and witness is the task of the archdiocese to “love others as Christ loved us”; to show compassion towards the most vulnerable as well as to forgive those who have hurt us and to work for peace and reconciliation on the planet.

After detailing the five points of work, the Catholic Church admitted that it knows that “there are people who have distanced themselves from the Church because we have not been able to respond to their concerns. We also recognize that we are living through a change of era in which the Church needs to update itself and establish bridges of dialogue and communion with the sectors of society that today do not feel identified with it.”

The pastoral guidance document is the product of three years of work that began in the Archdiocese of Mexico when bishops and priests decided to walk with their work teams through the parishes that make up the area to directly understand the reality of the communities and their needs.

The information gathered during these visits led to the organization of forums and dialogues with academics and experts, which in turn led to the Archdiocesan Assembly in May of this year, in which the final document of said assembly, Guidelines for Pastoral Renewal, was drawn up.

This exercise of updating our mission and promoting the proclamation of the Gospel was attended by more than 5,000 people, and aims to respond to all those to whom we were unable to respond. Therefore, we invite those who have distanced themselves from the Church due to a lack of testimony on our part to open themselves to this new stage of dialogue,” highlighted the editorial of the weekly Desde la Fe.



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