The 10 Apple podcasts in Chile to get hooked on today

The 10 Apple podcasts in Chile to get hooked on today
The 10 Apple podcasts in Chile to get hooked on today

Apple and Spotify battle to offer the best music and podcast streaming services. (Infobae)

Considered one of the most “intimate” digital formats, Podcasts have gained fame and have positioned themselves among the tastes of the Chilean public following the arrival of streaming platforms in the new millennium, such as Apple.

Its boom was significant since it emerged coronavirus pandemic In 2020, most people were forced to remain in confinement, and they in turn began to experiment with different formats and channels to inform and entertain themselves.

Podcasts are audio products that are available through files or streaming platforms and one of their great advantages is that The user can listen to it whenever he wants and as many times as he wants..

However, the podcast is not something new, but rather a product that enjoyed wide popularity at the beginning of the 21st century, but which then he was relegated with the arrival of compact discs, iPods, among others.

However, its easy access, broad genres and diverse narratives have facilitated its new heyday and many companies have begun to rely on them again to reach more users.

1. Seminario Fenix | Brian Tracy

Welcome to “Phoenix Seminar” with Brian Tracy, the podcast that will take you to new heights of success and personal development! Join us on this transformational journey, where we will explore the time-tested strategies and principles presented by renowned author and speaker, Brian Tracy. Each episode of “Phoenix Seminar” will be a deep dive into the world of productivity, leadership, time management, and goal achievement.

2. English from scratch

Learn English from scratch, for free and with native speakers trained in teaching English.

3. With Pears and Finances

Investment and personal finance podcast.

4. El Villegas – Current events and such things

Podcast by Fernando Villegas

5. Psychology Al Desnudo | psi.mammoliti

Psychology Al Desnudo arises from the idea of ​​bringing Psychology to all those people interested in the field and, above all, from the passion for all topics related to mental health. Episode by episode, Marina Mammoliti, Clinical Psychologist, will reflect on the issues that concern people these days, to shed light on them and walk with you towards well-being. | Podcast by psi.mammoliti |


You wanted comedy? Here you have comedy! In addition to current events, interviews, sections, guests and the particular way of seeing the life of Luis Slimming, Marcelo Valverde and Héctor Romero. All and much more at:

7. Experts in Nothing

A talk without a power point. A panel without specialists. A debate without a moderator. A conversation without an ending. Advice that we don’t follow. Fake news without bad intentions. All of that is Experts in Nothing, with Elisa Zulueta and Paloma Salas.

8. The Columnists of Mesa Central

Every morning on Mesa Central, a select group of columnists analyze and dissect the issues that are setting the agenda, alongside Iván Valenzuela.

9. EresInteligente Podcast

You Are Smart, a space that is not just a podcast, it is an exciting journey that we take together towards mental peace and self-discovery! Here, we dive into the depths of the human mind, unravel its mysteries, and learn practical techniques to cultivate a positive and empowering mindset.In each episode, we embark on an adventure to rediscover ourselves. We dive into powerful concepts such as the art of believing to create, we explore conscious breathing and meditation practices that connect you with yourself in a way that…

10. Books for Entrepreneurs

Each episode summarizes a useful book for entrepreneurs or for those who want to be one someday. Books on business, marketing, sales, inspiration, motivation, education, personnel management, public speaking, financial management, relationships and networking. A podcast by Luis Ramos, entrepreneur, businessman and expert in Personal Branding. With more than 40 million downloads, Books for Entrepreneurs is the most listened to Business podcast in the world.

*Some descriptions may not be available because the platform does not provide them.

With its services, Apple is also looking to dominate the streaming war. (REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes)

Streaming platforms have served as a major driver of podcastsbecause thanks to them users can enjoy these audio productions whenever they want and as many times as they want.

Like its great competitor Spotify, the apple company is not far behind and has its Apple Podcast Servicewith which it seeks to position itself in the taste of more users.

Such is the importance that podcasts have gained that the company has the Apple Podcast Award, which recognizes the “Best Program of the Year”.

In this 2023 the podcast iWiser Than Me/i of the actress and comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus Along with Lemonada Media, he was named the Best program of the year after its resounding success, which according to Apple, no one could match.

His start was colossal, because in the first episode had as a guest the Hollywood legend Jane Fondawith whom he spoke about age and the importance of the passage of time, assuring that the first decades of life are “a kind of legacy that you are going to leave behind.”

Wiser Than Me attracted a massive audience in Apple Podcastsmanaging to remain the number one program in the United States for 29 consecutive days, a feat that others have not been able to achieve.

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