Milei supported the entrance exam for public employment

Milei supported the entrance exam for public employment
Milei supported the entrance exam for public employment

The official account “Coherencia por favor” created an image with the following phrase: “The Government wants there to be an entrance exam for those who want to work in the State. Those who are protesting are the ones who will not be able to pass it.” Milei published the photo in support of the measure and added: “Principle of revelation.”

Sturzenegger gave an explanation about the proposal on entry into public employment. In the post, the new minister began by referring to the Ley Bases: “The transformation agenda is to support the reform of the State using the powers of the Ley Bases.”

“It will also develop an administrative career, the essential aspect of which will be an entrance exam for the civil service, like the one used in countries with professional civil service,” he added, referring to the measure.

He was then blunt when detailing the reasons for the exam: “The anonymous entrance exam will allow us to leave behind the nightmare of a State plagued by sycophants or political cronies that good Argentines do not deserve and that violate the spirit of our Constitution of separating politics from public employment.”

Finally, the Minister of Deregulation and State Transformation clarified that implementing this would achieve “preventing a government from changing officials to replace them with addicts. Kirchnerism used this laudable objective for the opposite: filling the State with militants every time a mandate ends.”


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