Woman loses control of her car and runs over two street vendors

Woman loses control of her car and runs over two street vendors
Woman loses control of her car and runs over two street vendors

In an incident that was recorded on video from security cameras in the area, a colored Mazda 3 vehicle driven by a woman ran over two street vendors who were sitting on a sidewalk at Calle 84 and Carrera 45, in Barranquilla.

According to camera footage, the incident occurred at 2:50 a.m. on Sunday, July 7. Read here: Men’s and women’s boxing from the Atlantic shined at the Cali nationals

In the video you can see when the person driving the vehicle tries to reverse, but from one moment to the next he goes forward, towards where two people are sitting, who when they see the car on top of them run away, but one of them could not escape because he was trapped with the front part and a kind of wall was there.

The woman, who was driving the vehicle, was arrested and taken to a police station.

Several people who were near where the accident occurred helped the people and in ambulances that arrived in the area they were taken to the medical centers located near the site.

Onlookers who were near the scene helped rescue the people who were run over by a vehicle north of Barranquilla.

The first information that the authorities have is that apparently the driver of the vehicle had ingested some alcoholic substance, however, it will be the breathalyzer tests that determine if this information is accurate. Read more: Watch out! Sectors of Santo Tomás and Palmar de Varela will have power cuts

Traffic authorities are also investigating whether it was a mechanical failure in the car that caused the woman to lose control and run over these people, who were apparently selling hot dogs in that area.

No details were provided by the authorities regarding the health status of the people.

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