Thirteen years after her daughter’s disappearance, Anita continues her search

Ciudad Juárez.- This morning, Anita Cuéllar made the last known journey that her daughter Jessica Ivonne Padilla Cuéllar made before disappearing on the streets of the Centro neighborhood on July 6, 2011, 13 years ago.

The mother told Netnoticias that she has been walking for 13 years without knowing how many steps she has taken, crying countless tears and searching for her daughter every day, because she dreams of her every night.

This day, on the 13th anniversary of her absence, accompanied by elements of the State Investigation Agency (AEI), she went out to look for her daughter again with the task of investigating the businesses that they allowed her to do throughout the Central Zone.

At the scene, she asked all Juarez residents and mothers for support to continue the search for her daughter, and invited them to provide information about Jessica, whatever her condition, by calling the anonymous number 089.

“If they look at us a little bit, they would become our eyes, our ears and also our search engine,” Anita said.

She said that even though she was accompanied by authorities, they have not provided the necessary support to locate her daughter, since she has even provided specific information to locate her and they have not been able to find her.

Jessica Ivonne Padilla Cuéllar disappeared on the streets of the downtown area on July 6, 2011 while she was walking to school. She was last seen at the ‘Everything at One Price’ store. She disappeared at the age of 16 and will be turning 30 on September 5.

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