Blanquivioleta dominates the 3×3 in La Cistérniga

Blanquivioleta dominates the 3×3 in La Cistérniga
Blanquivioleta dominates the 3×3 in La Cistérniga
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07.07.2024 | 18:52

07.07.2024 | 18:52

The 3G RVB 3×3 men’s team won all their matches in the 1st ‘No idea’ Tournament in La Cistérniga with two days of lots of basketball and more than 500 participants. A very balanced team with four top-level players such as De la Fuente, Jaan Puidet, Greg Gantt and Juan García-Abril were achieving victories in their respective group stage matches: 22-6 against Crayfish, 22-7 against 3orNah, 22-8 against Ponis Salvajes. They advanced to the final with a full house of victories to defeat Hoops Ferrol 21-12. A top-level roster that gave no chance to any opposing team throughout the day.

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For its part, the women’s 3×3 With Celia García, Cecilia Aldecoa, Clara Rodríguez and Isabel Camiñan, they reached the final after a very regular tournament, but fell to La Magia by a narrow 21-19. In the semi-finals they had defeated the other favourite team: Valencia Basket. Another medal for the women’s team that continues with a full house of podiums, eight, this summer.

A tournament that on Sunday celebrated the tournament for players up to 16 years old, with up to 20 hours of good basketball in the Félix Suárez Colomo municipal pavilion in La Cistérniga. The teams from Pucelano have a new date this month in the 3×3 Series in Tenerife on July 26-27.

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